An End-Times book by Ronald Weinland

Rev 10:11

God will listen

ALTHOUGH end-time events were going to be fulfilled between 2008 and 2012, this book explains why God has moved things forward by seven years. It reveals why God is now going to extend mercy to billions of people so that they can live into a new age that follows World War III.

God has sent many prophets to different nations throughout time. Only once did an entire nation take heed and listen, and as a result those people were spared total destruction.

Mankind is now at a stage in time that is often referred to as “the end-time.” It is not the end of mankind, but it is an end to mankind’s self-rule. If God would not intervene in this great nuclear war that is now at our front door, mankind would annihilate itself—so says God Almighty!

We are currently entering the last throes of civilization where the world is coming face to face with the reality that mankind cannot govern itself as it should. Billions are about to die in the worst of times in all human history. Who will listen and seek to save their lives?

Last prophet & apostle to be sent to the nations

Ronald Weinland is the author of three books. These books reveal prophetic end-time events that have been rapidly accelerating over the past 12 years.

IN this book, Prophesy Against the Nations, Ronald Weinland seeks to inform and warn people about a third world war that is about to commence. He explains the importance of understanding what God has forewarned about this final war for mankind, as the loss of life will be into the billions. People need to be informed so that they can learn the primary manner in which they can survive this nuclear holocaust.

As a prophet and end-time apostle, who is proven of God, Ronald Weinland has been given specific periods for when this war can occur. The first period for end-time economic collapse, government upheaval, and WWIII was in the period of 2008 through 2013. His latest book explains how God has mercifully granted seven additional years to mankind before these final events occur. It also explains what God has changed in regard to the amount and kind of destruction that will occur.

That which is written in his last book, Prophesy Against the Nations, is the last warning that God is now giving to mankind. This second period for when WWIII can now occur is much narrower than the first, as it lies between the end of 2017 and May of 2019. God’s message through His prophet is a simple one, “If you will listen, God will listen!”

And information

RONALD Weinland is the pastor of The Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God. God’s Church observes the 7th day Sabbath & the seven annual Holy Days as given in Leviticus 23. The church’s purpose is to lead and teach those whom God is newly calling into His Church in these end-times, as well as those whom God is awakening from the scattering that occurred in the Worldwide Church of God.

The Church of God – PKG