An End-Times book by Ronald Weinland

Rev 10:11

Chapter 2

THIS WORLD IS EXPERIENCING great suffering, and the catastrophic events that are engulfing it will only get much, much worse. God is now bringing mankind to a preplanned point in time when it must begin facing reality and truth, which is something that human nature actually resists and fights against. This is akin to how human nature works to portray itself different and often better than it actually is, while hiding what it truly is deep down inside.

God is not going to allow mankind to live in a world of such vast deception any longer. Long before anything was ever created He had a plan with a very specific timeframe, which involved bringing mankind to this very point, to see what its own self-rule and own ways have produced.

To understand why the world has come to the condition it is in today and the level of vast devastation that is engulfing it, one must go far back in history to learn what started it all and where we are now as a result. It is all tied together. Through understanding of that past, a person can far more easily begin to come to grips with why the world is now experiencing what it is. One will also be able to better understand why God is allowing this to happen so that a much better world can now be offered to mankind. Before this, it could not be offered.

The current level of chaos that can be witnessed in crumbling and imploding economies, civil unrest, dissention and infighting within governments, nation against nation, escalating warfare, clashes of religion, and growing evil in this world, is the product of great deception. Much of that deception has come from government, the media, business and industry, religion, and it has even been self-imposed.

That which has been self-imposed is the result of a willing blindness on the part of those who have wanted things to “go on as normal,” without any disruption to their lives. There has been a kind of silent and unspoken mob-like mentality that joined forces and helped to inflate the stock market, commodities, and other areas of financial investing. Things like the stock market became exceedingly bloated because of mutual greed among investors, as they turned a blind eye to corruption in business and of the economic collapse that was taking place in “other” areas of the world. But as long as it wasn’t “too close to home” there was a general willingness to just ignore world news and focus inwardly.

News in most of the so-called western world sensationalizes stories about sports figures, politicians, movie stars, criminal figures, and a myriad of rather unimportant events within our culture that has only worked to distract people from reality, thus proliferating deception. Most people have willingly allowed themselves to be deceived. Deception has been self-imposed in an effort to play “make-believe” that our immediate world is not as bad as the true reality.

Deception is simply the absence of reality and truth. The world is filled with lies, lying, half-truths, false-witness, and overall deception where a constant distorting and twisting of what is true flourishes. Then, at the heart of this, is a level of deception that is exceedingly powerful. People are not even aware of it nor are they willing to admit it when they are shown. The ability to come to grips with reality rests once again upon whether people are willing to listen to God. Only God can clearly tell us what is true and where deception exists, just as He is now beginning to expose its existence and its practice throughout this world.

Once truth comes to light and illuminates deception and lies, just as the world is now being awakened to the true condition of its actual state, it creates shock, feelings of betrayal, disbelief, great sorrow, fear, anger, and often vengeance and anarchy.

This story of deceit and the perverse power behind it first began within the angelic realm long before God ever created mankind on this earth. The reason God first created the angelic realm, and then mankind, has everything to do with why God created us differently and why we are now in this final period of this end-time. Only by understanding such things can we come to see the marvel of God’s creation and the next great step in His plan. At this time, God is working to save a large portion of mankind to live on into a new age. Yet make no mistake, billions are still going to die during this final period before the Millennium is established.

God has revealed that human beings in our current state with the minds we have are not able to comprehend God’s existence. We are physical beings and we deal with physical realities around us of things we can see, touch, smell, calculate, measure, etcetera. Such things are a matter of all that is physical, which function within established laws. This, of course, is a little simplified, but it serves to stress the point that we are a physical creation that exists in a physical universe. That is all we can work within. Yet there is also a spirit creation that we cannot see which is composed of spirit, just like this physical universe is composed of physical elements.

In our physical world, there are laws that we can work within that are exact, as with laws that regulate physical science, mathematics, chemistry, etcetera. Our ability to then work within this physical creation is made possible by laws that do not change. Those laws are exact, reliable, and always working and repeating in a uniform and orderly manner, yet there is so very much we still cannot grasp about such laws. We have learned how to utilize and harness a great deal of power because of them, but we still do not understand their existence.

Mankind is not capable of creating new laws nor of altering those that exist. Those laws cannot be seen through any physical means, but we can see and experience the results of their existence. We simply know that they exist. We cannot see them, cannot weigh them, cannot fully grasp them, but we know they are there. That is very much what the spirit creation is like. We cannot see spirit, cannot weigh it, as it has no physical properties whatsoever, just like laws.

In many ways, this is like trying to understand God. We try through our limited means of reasoning on a physical plane, but we cannot really grasp such existence. Neither can mankind fully grasp the existence of laws that regulate this universe. He also cannot fully grasp spirit, and what is of God, unless God gives His spirit to enable a mind to “see” some of those things on a spiritual plane. Such ability simply does not exist in us, of and by ourselves.

If people could only grasp and believe an important reality about these laws that exist in our midst in an otherwise very physical world, then we would be far wiser and far better off. That reality is that laws that are in motion are a matter of a spirit function that are controlled and sustained by Almighty God. I cannot begin to grasp this and neither can any other human being. We were created to only have a limited ability and capacity as far as the human mind is concerned. If mankind refuses to believe that God is the Creator of all things, then it will not believe that God sustains all things either.

God’s Word

The only way we can grasp anything about a spirit creation is if God reveals it to us—if He tells us about it, and He has. Let’s journey back to the beginning where this story first starts to unfold.

God does not explain more to us than what is basic, and then we have the choice to believe what He says or not. God simply says that in the beginning there was only Him—only God. In the beginning was only God. God further speaks of Himself in that spirit existence, before anything else existed, in terms of the “Word” in John 1 and as “wisdom” in the Proverbs.

Both terms, “wisdom” and “the Word,” are about the most inner being of the mind of God that reveals who He is—His thinking, His thought, His purpose, His ways. That is a matter of something spiritual, of God’s very spirit—the “holy spirit.”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with [Gk.- unto] God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1).

The word “with” is a mistranslation and done so on purpose by those who did the translating. It was done in an effort to give credibility to a false doctrine that traditional Christianity strongly embraces. The reason this was mistranslated is because translators had the belief that Jesus Christ had eternally existed alongside (together with) the Eternal God. It is part of a doctrine that did not come into existence until 325 A.D. in the Council of Nicaea concerning the Trinity, and this will be covered later.

There are other Greek words that mean “with” when indicating “being with” someone, “beside” someone, or “alongside” someone. The Greek word used in this verse is not one of them. The mistranslation of “with” gives the sense that there were two different beings “with” each other. However, the actual Greek word used in this verse is “unto” and means that it was fully “unto” (belonging to) the one being spoken of, exclusively so.

It is simply saying that the Word was “unto” God, and to no other, because there was no other. The Word was God’s and it was unto no other. It has already been covered how God clearly states that He alone is God, the Eternal God, and that there is no other.

Later it speaks of the Word “becoming flesh,” who dwelled together with the disciples. “The Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

In these verses it is speaking of Jesus Christ who was born of the Word of God, which is about being born of the very spirit mind and being of the One Eternal Self-Existing God. Jesus Christ’s inception came directly from the One Eternal God—from His Word. However, the false teaching of the Trinity states that there are three separate beings in the Godhead who have eternally existed together. This false doctrine identifies these as the Father, the Word (or Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost. It further states that the Word, who they say was Jesus Christ, gave up his power within the Godhead to become a physical human being by being born of a physical mother so he could then die for mankind. Yet the truth is that Jesus Christ had no existence until he was begotten from the Word of God the Father (vs. 14), as he was born a physical human being, indeed, in order to become the Passover sacrifice for all mankind so that there could be forgiveness of sins through his blood that was spilled upon the earth.

The entire teaching of the Trinity becomes so twisted and distorted that it became known as a “mystery.” The reason it is a mystery is because they cannot explain their own convoluted ideas with soundness and clear reason. Astoundingly so, this is one of the primary doctrines of traditional Christianity.

The “Word” is from the Greek word “logos,” and the most accurate meaning is “revelatory thought.” It is the essence that identifies one’s very thoughts, thinking, and identity. As with every individual, we are identified by that which we think in the mind and by the very thoughts that come out of an individual in actions. These actions reflect the “logos,” the revelatory thoughts. What comes out of the mouth of a person, the “words” [logos] that are spoken, is what reveals what is in the mind of an individual.

This word “logos” is not just a word in scripture that is used about God. It is also used about mankind. It is used in expressions identifying things that come out of people in the words they speak, that reflect their mind, their thinking. These examples include, “in vain words,” “malicious words,” and in the expression, “their words eat as a cancer.” Christ warned people of their use of words because it reflected their true being—what came from their own ways and thinking. He stated, “by your own words you will be justified, and by your own words you will be condemned.”

As with every individual, we are identified by that which we think in the mind and the very thoughts of the mind that come out of an individual in action, which can be written words, spoken words, or other literal action. The actions reflect the “logos”—the revelatory thoughts of one’s mind.

Everything about God that can be explained to mankind began from the Word—Logos—which is God. It is who He is. From the Word, from God, His revelatory thought began to become manifest as He created the spirit world and the angelic realm. Later, He created the physical universe and eventually mankind. To this day, He continues to reveal His will in all that He has purposed. This is God. This is the Word of God being made manifest (revealed) to the world.

There is much history in the Bible, but most is a revelation of God’s will and purpose for His creation. It is the Word of God. Jesus Christ did not claim to be the Word of God. In John 14:24, he clearly states to the disciples, “the word [logos] which you hear is not mine, but the Father’s who sent me.” In John 17:14-17 it records Christ praying to God: “I have given them [the disciples] your word [logos].” He also said, “Sanctify [set apart for holy use and purpose] them through your truth. Your word [logos] is truth.”

Indeed, continuing on with the verses in John 1 it says, “All things were made by Him [referring back to the Word that is God—that reveals who God is], and without Him [again, the Word that is God] nothing was made that was made. In Him [the Word that is God] was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:3-4).

All that exists comes from the planning and purpose of God, which He formulated and determined. This is summed up in the Word of God and is a matter of the very will of God.

So in verse 14 when it states that the Word was made flesh, it is speaking of the very revelatory thought (Word, Logos) of God Almighty that was given to Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ, and was the very manifestation, the revelation (thinking) of God to man. Jesus Christ was born with the very mind of God, who was his Father, but he grew up separately with his own identity being formed through all that he experienced in his physical life, having his own individuality that was unique and apart from his Father.

God’s Spirit Power Versus the Holy Spirit

There is a difference that needs to be understood about God and His spirit powers. There is a difference between the power of His spirit whereby He creates, and the power of His spirit that originates from His mind, which is the holy spirit. Though both are spirit in nature, the spirit power whereby He works and creates is not the holy spirit. It is just spirit power available at His command.

Therefore, the holy spirit should not to be confused with His power that is at His command to accomplish work. The power by which God accomplishes, works, and performs all that He does is by the power of His spirit. However, that which is a matter of His mind—of His thought, thinking, and very being, and which emanates from His mind, which reveals such thinking, is of the holy spirit. The holy spirit is a means through which He communicates His ways, thought, will, purpose, truth, and mind to others.

It is in this fashion that God poured out His holy spirit (of His very mind, thoughts, ways, and truth) upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost in 31 A.D. This enabled them to see truths and ways of God that they did not and could not see until this moment. When this happened, they were then able to individually see those things that God was communicating to them through the holy spirit. They were then able to teach these things to others that they could now see and understand, just as Peter began to teach about the Psalm written by David that we have already covered. Peter was able to reveal that this Psalm written by David was not about David, as it seemed to be written, but that it was prophetic about the Messiah.

The actual power of God is spoken of in terms of things He does, accomplishes, creates, sustains, etcetera, which are a matter of “His spirit power” that He can direct and command as He wills. That which He chooses to share and communicate to others is of His very being, of His revelatory thought, mind, and spiritual ways, which is a matter of His holy spirit.

For a human being, the closest we can come to grasping some of what this is saying is to recognize that, individually, who we are is a matter of our mind and thinking. Everything we do in life is the result of what begins in our mind. We think and reason, and only then can actions follow which “reveal” more outwardly to others what we are like, what makes us unique, what our character and personality is, what our ways are, and simply how we think. In addition, we can communicate such things in a strong way through speech, sign language, and written words.

In a similar manner, mankind is also without excuse when it comes to knowing more about what God is like simply because it should be able to be seen by observing the creation that surrounds our lives. That creation reveals much about God and His love for His creation and for mankind that He placed over it.

God gave us an awesome creation to help fill our lives with much richness of life and innumerable experiences to enjoy. He gave us a world of order, beauty, abundance, and an incredible variety of life that fills it. He has given us the blessing of family life through the ability to procreate. He has provided vast numbers of ways to be productive and reap blessings that can be produced from this earth, and all made possible by what God has provided. We don’t have to look far to recognize that there are countless things that God has placed on this earth in order for us to have the potential for awesomely abundant life.

Yet the world has constantly turned its back on its Creator. It has ignored Him and has not listened to Him. It has constantly sought to change Him into something on a physical plane, something that is more conducive to excusing wrongdoing and wrong living. Such efforts are also geared toward appeasing the human conscience, in seeking to feel good about itself, and of lifting self up before others in a show of goodness or ability that one supposedly has and lives.

Indeed, through the creation itself, we can then learn much about God. We can also learn more directly from God, if He so chooses to give us of His holy spirit in order to more fully reveal His will, purpose, and ways to us. Through the holy spirit He can communicate directly with anyone whom He chooses. He can do so directly into our mind to a spirit essence that is in the mind of every human being. He does not need to have verbal communication that is a function enabled by physical laws and the physical makeup of the lungs, voice box, mouth and tongue as we do when we speak to one another.

God reveals that there is a “spirit in man,” but it is not the holy spirit. It is a spirit essence within the mind of every person. This spirit essence that is part of the physical brain is what gives humans the ability to think, reason, remember, and communicate as they do. This essence gives each person reasoning ability that enables individual freedom for personal choices, creativity, planning, etcetera. Through God giving each person such a capacity within the human mind, He has made every person individually responsible for their own actions in life and has given them freedom to formulate, choose, and live their life as they themselves determine.

The animal kingdom has also been given a spirit essence within the brain of each living creature. However, that spirit essence given within the animal kingdom is not even remotely on the same plane with that which God has given mankind. Instead, the spirit essence given to animals is more of a “preprogrammed nature” that has been given for each variety of life. We generally refer to such programming as “instinct.”

The spirit essence in the mind of mankind and the spirit instinct that God has placed in the animal kingdom is a part of the brain that mankind cannot measure nor detect by any scientific means. Spirit essence in the brain of any living being is “spirit,” and that which is spirit is not detectable in a physical realm, yet spirit exists within a physical realm.

Although animals do not have the capacity for individual reasoning, planning, and creativity as mankind, some animals have been given a limited capacity for memory and learning; however, that process of development is vastly different than human life. That which God has given to animals does sometimes result in what can be viewed as differing kinds of personalities, uniqueness, and/or individuality that can make each creature distinct from others in animal life. That development is not the result of thought-out “individual” reasoning and thinking as in human life. Instead, it is the result of preprogrammed responses that can produce a wide range of unique characteristics in each specific variety of animal life.

The spirit essence that God has given to mankind is on a plane that enables a highly functional mind to plan, design, reason, communicate thoughts and ideas, and make choices of how to live life on a moral plane, as free moral agents. God has given mankind a mind that is capable of highly communicative and interactive relationships between one another and even with God. Such does not exist in the animal kingdom.

This spirit essence in the human mind is joined together with a physical brain that can enable astonishing results when God begins to work directly with a person to continue His creation in them. This will be covered later.

God planned those things that He desired to create and then He set out to accomplish what He had purposed in order to bring it into existence. He began by creating a spirit realm. There are only a few descriptions of things that exist in that realm. They are explained in physical terms because that is the only way we can begin to see and understand something that is beyond human ability to know or grasp. One example of such a thing is what is described as “a sea of glass” of great brilliance and color that is before the throne of God.

Even Hollywood has tried to use this description to simulate a kind of existence of advanced beings or even gods who exist and live in such surroundings.

Although God later created a physical Garden of Eden where He then created Adam and Eve, He first created a spirit Garden of Eden within the spirit realm, which is simply a description of all that was created within heaven to fully provide for the angels He created.

Creation of the Angels

After creating a spirit realm, God then created spirit beings of spirit composition who were given life and minds with which to think—spirit minds. Just as the physical human mind has a spirit essence in it that gives the ability of thought, reasoning, planning, creativity, individual decision-making, etcetera, angels were given a mind composed of spirit and a spirit essence that also enabled this same process of individual thinking and reasoning. As with the human mind, they were made free moral agents. They were not created with automatic responses, but with their own personalities and individuality. They were not created like robots that have to respond in a preprogrammed manner. Neither were they created like the animal kingdom, which was preprogrammed in God’s creation to have automatic responses to varying conditions, which we refer to as instinct.

God created millions of angels, each one being distinct with their own unique mind as a free moral agent with the capacity of free choice. This, too, is how mankind was created to be, but with a major difference in composition that is for a vastly different purpose. As was just stated, the mind placed in a spirit being that is an angel is different in overall composition; it is all simply spirit matter. The purpose for the creation of angels in this fashion has a far different design, purpose, and outcome than that of the human mind.

Of the angels, there were three archangels created at the pinnacle of that creation to whom God gave specific responsibilities concerning His government. Those three were Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. They were described as the angels who covered the very throne of God, as a matter of excellence, power, and authority within God’s government.

At this stage, you may be wondering, “Why is any of this important or needful to know?” It is because it reveals much about why God made mankind different and under different conditions for an incredibly greater purpose. It is the very purpose for why mankind was created as designed in the first place. The full purpose of why God specifically created the mind of angels as He did and the mind of mankind as He did has only been revealed by Him in this end-time period that began in 1994, when a literal countdown to the return of the Messiah began. Before this was revealed, the world had not known or understood any of this. It is God’s purpose to now begin revealing it to the world, which He will do in more increasing power the closer we draw to the Millennium, and especially once it has been established.

Much of mankind has an untrue and shallow concept of a future life. It often consists of a hope that “just maybe” one will continue in life after death. It is often with an idea and hope that the life which follows death will be some kind of blissful existence in some state of pleasant euphoria. Some speak of perhaps being able to look upon the face of God for all eternity or to engage in some activity that they loved all their life. It is like at a funeral where someone may say, “Ol’ Joe always liked fishing, and I know he is up there fishing right now.” It is as though “ol’ Joe” is now going to fish for the rest of eternity, which is a whole lot better than going to that “other” place. No one questions such concepts any further, like what does he do with the spiritual fish he catches, what kind of bait does he use, or can he then cook them on some kind of spiritual fire? Such things are truly shallow indeed, yet people make such comments without soundness or reason of thought.

What kind of a God would want His creation to live a physical life and then to die so that it could simply look upon Him for the rest of eternity? How fulfilling would this be after a few days for either the one looking or the one being looked upon? How incredibly shallow, unfulfilling, and boring that would be. That isn’t God’s plan and purpose. His plan for mankind is so far beyond anything that mankind could ever conceive or has ever conceived.

Right now, we happen to live in a very specific time that God long before appointed within His overall plan of creation to bring mankind to this exact point as part of a far greater purpose. Our very creation is about to enter a new and exciting phase once the Millennium is established. It far exceeds any ideas of going to heaven.

This complete story is exciting, inspiring, and awesome beyond what words are capable of expressing. You live during one of the most exciting times in all earth’s history, although getting to that time—the Millennium—will not be easy. Yet it really isn’t that far away anymore. Nevertheless, the time remaining before the Millennium is established will be fraught with vast devastation and horrifying catastrophic events. As you continue, you will be given the knowledge of why all this is necessary and why this kind of exceedingly difficult and painful transition can truly happen in no other way.

Creation of the Universe

When angels were created, they were given vast knowledge in minds that had the capacity to receive that knowledge. Then God began to reveal to them some of the initial things that would begin to be accomplished within a process that would span billions of years. They were shown phases of His plan in a progressive manner as it came time for those things to be fulfilled within His overall design and purpose. This would be much like a construction project that focuses on specific blue prints when that phase of a project is being worked upon. When foundations are being poured, they are not focusing on the finishing touches of the interior that has not yet begun to be built.

One of the first exceptionally exciting things the angelic realm was able to share with God was when He began creating a physical universe. We are not given much about that until later when God specifically began speaking of the creation of the earth itself.

Although the creation of planets and stars did not happen with an instantaneous “poof,” they did come into existence by God’s command through the power of His spirit that worked to accomplish these things in what we could only view as being in a relatively quick manner. But just as in construction, each project and each facet takes focus, time, and work to perform it. With God, the actual work is a matter of Him doing things through the power that is at His command once it is time to accomplish a specific phase or feat. These things are a matter of fiat—brought into existence by His command and the work of His spirit.

Indeed, the creation of the universe did not happen instantaneously, but covered millions upon millions of what we can only compare to earth years. We cannot even begin to imagine all that this massive creation involved, let alone the time required to accomplish it. Some have the concept that it was indeed accomplished in an instant, and all of the sudden, the universe was there. There was planning, design, work, and time required in accomplishing all, just like in building anything that would be constructed on a physical plane. We just have not yet been told about all the details.

In the very creation of the physical universe, mankind cannot really fathom such a thing nor remotely begin to comprehend its vastness, let alone the greatness and power of Almighty God who created it all. We can try to grasp some of its basic complexity through simple mathematic comparisons, but even in that, the physical mind cannot really grasp it all.

Mankind cannot actually grasp the size of what was created in some of the smallest portions of this creation. We can play with the numbers, but its complexity, variety, massiveness, and space it encompasses is really beyond human understanding. Then scientists have the foolish audacity to choose to believe that such a thing came out of some kind of a big bang. This is so unscientific that it staggers the mind.

When considering the massiveness of those things that have been created within the universe, a good place to begin would be in a comparison of the size of the earth to that of the sun. The diameter of the sun is 870,000 miles (1.4 million kilometers) from one side to the other. You would need to place a little over 100 earths side by side to reach through the diameter of the sun. I can’t fully comprehend that.

If you took the matter in all the asteroids, moons, and planets and put them together, they would only account for .1 percent of the matter in our entire solar system. In other words, the sun is so large that it accounts for 99.9 percent of all matter in our solar system. It would take nearly 1,000,000 earths to fill up the size of the sun.

Yet even in such a comparison to other stars, our sun is quite small. There is a star called VY Canis Majoris. If it were placed in our solar system in place of the sun, its outer surface would extend beyond the orbit of Saturn. It would take over 2,000 of our suns, side by side, to reach through that diameter.

Such things become so vast that science begins to speak of such size and distance in terms of the speed of light. In other words, in terms of how long it would take light to travel that distance, because our minds cannot begin to deal with distances that are so great. Once again, our sun seems quite small when comparing it to this giant star. It would take light only 14.5 seconds to travel completely around our sun’s surface, while it would take 8.5 hours for it to travel around VY Canis Majoris. How can we grasp such things?

If we could begin to travel from earth at the speed of light to the nearest star, it would take 4.5 years to do so. Then there are various nebulas within the Milky Way Galaxy, as with the Horse Head Nebula which would take 1,500 years to reach at the speed of light. Another is the Eight-burst Nebula that is 2,000 light years away, which means that light leaving that Nebula during the time of Christ is just now becoming visible on earth.

Then consider the size of the Milky Way Galaxy itself. If you were to travel at the speed of light across it, from one side to the other, it would take over 100,000 years to do so. When I was growing up, it was believed that the Milky Way Galaxy itself contained 100 billion stars. In some science text books now it is stated there are between 200 to 400 billion stars. It is believed that there may be that same number of stars in each galaxy.

Further, it has been estimated that there may be over 200 billion galaxies in the universe. However, that number is considered to be grossly under-estimated since a German super computer simulation in 2009 put that number to be closer to 500 billion galaxies in the universe.

How do we comprehend something that is so very vast and complex? We cannot!

The question might then arise, “How long did it take to create such a universe?” It certainly didn’t just “all of the sudden” burst into existence. It took a very long, long time, and that is something our feeble minds most definitely cannot begin to grasp.

The number of stars in the universe is so far beyond human comprehension that even a highly speeded up concept of time cannot reduce this to a level any human can comprehend. For example, if we were to take a considerably lower number of galaxies, approximately 250 billion, and a considerably lower number of only 250 billion stars in each one, the number is so vast that we have difficulty just grasping the number itself. It is the number 625 followed by 20 zeros. Since that is far too large to grasp, let’s reduce this concept to a factor of time.

In this example, we are going to say that every star has a name. Next, we are going to sit down before a computer screen and watch as the computer flashes 1,000 names of stars per second on the screen. In reality, we could not even read one name per second at that rate, but we can sit there and watch the computer perform this function on the screen.

How long do you think it would take us to sit there until the computer had finished its task? Someone might guess it would take an entire day. Well, at the rate this is being done, there would be 60,000 names flashing on the screen per minute, or 3,600,000 per hour. So in a day we would come up exceedingly short, as that would account for only 86,400,000 stars, and that wouldn’t even give us a good start on the Milky Way Galaxy itself. Even after a year, you would not yet be beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. It would take almost 8 more years before the computer could begin listing names in another galaxy.

The actual amount of time it would require for a computer to complete such a task for the entire universe would take nearly 2 trillion years. That is the number 2 followed by 12 zeros.

We are so very, very small, but we tend to think we are so very, very great.

Creation of Physical Life

Within the process of creating the universe and all the galaxies within it, there came a time when God revealed to the angelic realm more about His purpose for their creation, and that of the physical creation of the universe itself. God created the angelic realm and the physical universe in order to accomplish a far greater purpose in His plan. It would be by far the greatest of His creative ability to perform and fulfill.

God had not yet revealed this part of His overall plan to the angelic realm while so much was being created throughout the universe. Finally, that time did come, and God began to reveal more to them about a very special galaxy that was to be created. They were told that a very specific solar system would be created in the midst of this one galaxy. It was about our Milky Way Galaxy. God revealed to them that in the midst of this galaxy, of all the galaxies that had been created, there would be the creation of physical life, which had not been done previous to this in all the other galaxies.

In this one galaxy, there would be one little solar system placed within the midst of well over two hundred billion others. Then, within this one little solar system, there would be physical life created on one very small planet—Earth.

At a point in the creation of the galaxy, the earth was created, but not as most people in traditional Christianity believe. Many of them think that the creation of the earth happened at the same time that Adam and Eve were created. However, that is not true. It was created long, long before.

Where I grew up in Kansas (in the middle of the United States), we could go out and collect prehistoric shark’s teeth in areas that can be seen as the edge of shorelines where an ocean used to be. Dinosaurs and a great deal of other prehistoric life have left behind evidence of their earlier existence of life on earth. Their bones and fossils are in museums all over the world.

When a person begins to read Genesis, they have been taught that this is an account when God first created the earth. It was not! It was created well over a hundred thousand years prior. We simply cannot know the exact time until God reveals it.

The word for “the” in the following verse should read “a,” as there is no definite article like “the” in Hebrew. “In the [a] beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water” (Gen. 1:1-2).

This is not well translated, but when one looks more closely at what is being said, it becomes clearer. It helps to know the Hebrew words that are translated as “without form” and “void.” The word translated as “without form” is the Hebrew word “tohu” and means “a place of chaos and waste,” and the word “void” is the Hebrew word “bohu,” which means “filled with emptiness.”

God specifically speaks of this in Isaiah. “For this is what the Eternal has said, who created the heavens; God Himself who formed the earth and made it. He has established it and He did not create it in vain [Heb. - tohu—a place of chaos and waste], but formed it to be inhabited. I am the Eternal and there is no one else” (Is. 45:18).

The earth and the heaven (the atmosphere around it) had been created. God had created it beautiful and filled with all kinds of life. There was abundant plant life, life in the waters, life in the air, and life on the land. This story in Genesis 1:1 began as God spoke of the condition of the earth being in a state of desolation and of it being laid waste. The atmosphere itself was polluted and no life existed on earth.

That which had caused this to happen to the earth is explained later. At this specific moment in time when God begins to address the condition of this earth being in the ruined state that it was, He began a process to reestablish life on earth. This time it would not be the kind of prehistoric life that we have already covered, but it would now be for the creation of the kind of life that exists today, including mankind.

This process of reestablishing life on earth begins with how God, through the power of His spirit, began to have His spirit move upon the face of the water. The water was already here because the earth was already here. God had to reestablish continents and the boundaries of the oceans. The following verses begin to tell a shortened version of the story of how God moved to set the earth in a proper orbit and to establish days and nights through a proper rotation on the earth once again. He then continued by parting the heavens, which were also here, so that the rays of the sun could once again shine on the surface of the earth so that life, which was about to be created, could once again flourish.

A Progressive Revelation

Before covering more about the period of the reestablishment of life to inhabit the earth, it is necessary to return to the flow of how God was working with the angels as the creation of the universe was unfolding.

As it was covered, God began to reveal to the angels that He was going to create a physical universe composed of galaxies with constellations, nebulas, and solar systems within. The angels were able to share in all that God was doing, yet we are not told specifically to what extent, until it came time for the earth itself to be created.

The earth was now the primary focus of the entire universe, and there was physical life that had been created upon it. There was much more to yet be prepared within the universe before God would later reveal that mankind was to be created on earth. The only created life that now existed outside the angelic realm was in the physical life that now existed on earth. As this was now the focal point of the universe, and physical life now existed on earth, God gave Lucifer charge, along with a vast number of angels under him, to “dress and keep” (cultivate or foster growth, and to sustain) the earth as God directed them to do.

There was still much more to be created within the Milky Way Galaxy while Lucifer and that vast company of angels were primarily working on the earth. God continued to reveal more of His plan and purpose in a greater way when it came time to prepare for each new phase of that creation. He revealed things in a progressive manner as it came time to focus on each phase. That is why God has been revealing what He has for some time now, in the same kind of progressive manner, about the final stages of this end-time. It is all in preparation for what mankind must first go through in order for that self-rule of 6,000 years to be brought to an end and to now prepare for a new era for mankind—the Millennium.

Therefore, at some moment in time, God revealed to the angels something additional about the physical creation of life on earth. They were told that He was going to also create mankind of physical existence. But there was more. He told them that this creation would lead to the greatest of all His creation and that it would be the greatest of His creative ability to perform and fulfill.

As revealed in the Book of Hebrews, the angels learned that they were themselves ultimately created to be ministering spirits to serve mankind as part of a process whereby God would create something even greater within mankind. The first step of creating mankind in physical life would only be the first phase of their creation.

When God created Adam and Eve, He made them incomplete. God’s purpose for creating mankind goes beyond just being made as temporary, living physical human beings. God inspired Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, to speak of another creation or a further creation that can take place in each person. God’s plan for giving physical human life is only the first phase of His purpose for creating us. There is a second phase of that creation which is spiritual in nature, and it begins within a physical human body—specifically, in the mind. It is a creation performed by God that cannot be instantaneously or quickly accomplished as when Adam and Eve were created, and as all other things were created by God and brought into existence.

This further creation requires years of work and cannot be done quickly, as it requires the willingness of each person to choose to want to participate in this process that takes decades to accomplish. It involves what Paul referred to as a “transformation of the mind,” and it actually involves a spirit creation that begins in the mind of a person that works to change the very way we tend to think as selfish human beings. God cannot instantaneously create a mind to be in unity and oneness with Him and His ways, but instead, His spirit works within the mind of a person to literally create a new mind and way of thinking that is no longer motivated by human nature, but by God’s nature. Only after this spirit creation within the mind takes place can a person then be given spirit life—everlasting life. This spirit creation and God’s purpose for this entire process will be explained in more detail later.

Lucifer: The Beginning of Deception

Once God had revealed to Lucifer His plan for the creation of mankind, something began to change in Lucifer’s mind—in his thinking and reasoning. When the angels were told that physical human beings were created for a greater purpose than themselves, and not only that, but that they were created to be ministering spirits to mankind, Lucifer began to think differently than he ever had. After God told them of His purpose to create these living beings, who would become greater in majesty, power, and purpose than the angels, Lucifer’s spirit changed. He began to resent God’s purpose. He began to become jealous of what was going to be created. He began to hate God’s plan.

Before covering God’s plan and purpose of what He will further create in mankind, it is first necessary to understand what happened to Lucifer and a third of all the angels. This is where deception was born. Here is where deception began to become powerful, and it has only gained in power ever since. It is a great power that has had a very forceful impact upon mankind—one that mankind has largely been unaware of.

God states of Lucifer, “How you have fallen from heaven, O Lucifer [day star], son of the morning! How you have been cut down to the ground, who did weaken the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12).

God had given a name to Lucifer that reflected much about the purpose for his being created. Lucifer means “day star” or “light bringer.” Stars are used in scripture, especially in prophecy, to identify angels. It is like the star that was pictured as showing the way to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. People think it was a literal star that gave great brilliance over Bethlehem to show the way. The “star” that led the way to Bethlehem where Jesus was born was about an angel. It was not a literal star that was hundreds of light-years away that shined all the way down with laser-like rays, pointing to Bethlehem.

So there came a time when Lucifer was cast from heaven and confined to this earth. It continues by saying, “For you said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars [angels] of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north [depicting being over the angelic realm]. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and I will be like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:13-14).

Although most people believe that angels have eternal life because they are spirit, they do not. They are created beings, and they are not created with God’s inherent being of self-sustaining life. The angels were given spirit life, and God can take that away just as easily as He gave it. God created the spirit realm and He sustains it, just as He does the physical realm. God can alter any of what He created as He wills in both the physical and spirit creation. Even Satan’s mind became so corrupted and void of sound reason that he began to believe that God was limited in what He could do with His own creation.

The next verse goes on to tell of God’s judgment for Lucifer, which in God’s time will become fully established against Lucifer and then be executed upon him: “Yet you shall be brought down to hell [hades—the grave], to the sides of the pit” (Is. 14:15). God begins here in this verse to reveal that Lucifer will come to an end of life—that his life will cease.

When God states that the wages of sin is death that not only applies to human life, but it also applies to those who were given spirit life as angels. Even in this, people do not believe what God says through Ezekiel. They have chosen instead to believe that people have a soul and that at death it will continue to live on and leave the body, going to either heaven or hell. They have NO concept of a need for God to resurrect them from the dead.

More about Lucifer is revealed through Ezekiel. In this account, Satan is being described as a “prophetic type” of a king of Tyrus whose reign was brought to an end.

“Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus [speaking prophetically of Lucifer]. You have sealed up the sum that was filled in wisdom and perfect in beauty [he was created as the highest of the angelic realm]. You have been in Eden, the Garden of God” (Ezekiel 28:12-13).

Although Lucifer was in the physical Garden of Eden that was created for Adam and Eve, he had first been in the spirit created Garden of Eden that was in heaven itself. It goes on in verse 13 to describe things of a spirit creation in physical terms for comparison and then it mentions those things that God had given to him that made him so great, and it states that all those things had been given to him “in the day that you were created.” The very fact that these verses speak of Lucifer’s creation reveals that this was not speaking of a physical human king as some have supposed.

“You are the anointed cherub who covers [speaking of him as one of the three archangels who at times covered the very throne of God], and I [the Eternal] have set you so. You have been upon the holy mountain [used in scripture as the government of God]. You have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, until iniquity was found in you” (Ez. 28:14).

“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty [pride and haughtiness set in]. You have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness” (Ez. 28:17).

Just as those in the time of the days of Noah had so corrupted their minds, Lucifer was the first to corrupt his mind—his thinking, reasoning, and ways.

Control Versus Free-Will

Once God revealed to the angels that the creation of man and woman would lead to His ultimate purpose for all of creation, God also revealed to them that they would share in the joy of what He would ultimately create through mankind on a spiritual plane.

Lucifer’s response to what God revealed was not good, and he began to corrupt his spirit mind by sin. He started to see himself greater than he was. He lifted himself up in pride in his own eyes and before that of the angelic realm, especially those who were working together with him to “dress and keep” the earth.

In his now perverted thinking, he began to reject the knowledge of God’s ways and began to believe that his own ways were better. He became so self-deceived, willingly so, that he began to believe he could rise up against God and take over all rule of the physical and spirit realm. God later changed his name to Satan, the adversary, because his way became one of working against God at every turn. He became eaten up inside (in spirit) and began to spread his disdain for God’s plan to other angels. He worked within the angelic realm to stir up jealousy and resentment against mankind.

The Bible does not give a time frame but only the results that a third of the angelic realm sided with Satan in a horrific rebellion against God. However, Satan shortly began to experience that he was actually very puny before the great God who created him.

Lucifer had been created with vast power, power that God did not immediately take away even though God knew that Lucifer had begun to corrupt his own mind due to sin. God allowed Satan to continue in his way of defiance and rejection of God’s only true ways. God had great purpose in allowing Satan to continue on that course in order to reveal to His creation the true nature and destructiveness of sin. The angelic realm had never witnessed such a thing, as none had ever chosen any other way but God’s. Such an example would not only serve as a powerful lesson within the angelic realm, it would also serve as a powerful lesson for mankind.

God did not stop Satan from his sin. God did not stop Satan from spreading his evil ideas and attitude of rebellion among the angels, although He could have easily done so. God’s purpose is not to control those whom He has given free will. A government that works to “control” its subjects will never experience real unity and peace.

Indeed, God’s purpose is not to control angels nor mankind by force in order to have a pseudo-peace. That is a concept of mankind where the idea of peace exists if you will do things my way, and then we can have peace because my ways are right. That is the way the world thinks. Nations have always tried to enforce their will upon nations who have wanted nothing to do with them, but because of being conquered, they had to submit. That is not true peace. Submission by force that is a matter of control does not change one’s will.

This is like the saying that goes, “He who is convinced against his will is really of the same mind still.” This may not resonate as well in other translations as it does in English.

A kind of conformity can be enforced, but that does not create agreement, which is the only way true peace can be achieved—when two or more are in agreement. Yet even that does not work with selfish human beings because someone most always wants to have their way in order to get peace.

That is exactly what God was referring to when He admonished Israel for not listening to Him, and so they were told that as a result He would punish them for refusing to do so. God then asked the question, “Can two walk together except they are in agreement?” (Amos 3:3).

It would be good to interject an important distinction here. It is needful to recognize there is a vast difference between control and occasional punishment or discipline that is administered when some infraction has occurred that might require such a thing.

The only way for real peace and genuine harmony to exist is if God’s way is chosen, since only His ways (or laws) can produce peace. For anyone to come into agreement with God and His ways, it must be because they agree that only God’s ways produce peace.

The ability to better grasp what “control” means in this kind of context is perhaps best explained by looking at an example of family life. A parent can “control” many things in the lives of their children. The greatest challenge often starts as a parent begins to give freedoms to their teenager. The balance and soundness of mind involved in “knowing” how and when to let go of certain “control” is usually quite challenging to a parent.

However, for a parent who is more “control” oriented, and the longer they may tend to exercise control in an excessive manner, the final result and response from a child is most generally not what the parent wanted. That is because control does not insure “agreement,” nor does it produce “agreement” within a family. Genuine and lasting agreement is a matter of choice—free choice and free will.

Parents can work to control a teen’s environment, but they cannot control their mind. A parent who is seeking what is best for their own child because they want to see them prosper, not suffer, and be happy in life cannot be dictated by control. Instead, it involves much more needed work on the part of a parent to try to help instill right values in a child in the hope that they will then be better equipped to make better choices for their own life. Certainly, this process requires rules and discipline, as well as a great deal of true caring and love along the way. The best one can do is to work hard to nurture a child in an environment of caring concern and love and also work to help instill good values in them from their youngest years and forward.

God gave free moral agency to both the angelic realm and to mankind. It was with the desire and hope that both would willingly choose His ways and then be able to share the creation with one another and with God into age-lasting life. However, in giving free moral agency to both, God knew that all would not choose His ways. Those who choose not to embrace God’s ways because they are not in agreement with Him always do so because they want to live some other way. Yet any other way but God’s only produces evil. Only God’s way can produce real peace and good in life, but not all want peace and good in life—just their own ways.

Satan’s Response and the Corruption of His Mind

Over time, as Satan grew in greater resentment and disdain for God’s revealed purpose for mankind, he moved a third of the angelic realm to side with him. He then plotted against God and God’s creation. They planned their rebellion and then set to carry it out.

Again, self-deception that results from the corruption of one’s mind becomes apparent by what they did. After all these angelic beings had witnessed of the great powers of God, they still abandoned any realistic thoughts of fear toward God to go against Him. They became hardened in their own mind and blinded to reality because they so wanted their “own way” that their own sense of injustice and self-justification grew so strong that they became fully set against God.

Since God did not intervene to stop what they had begun to do against His creation, they then became emboldened to do more. That is exactly the course that human nature follows. The more that one thinks they can get by with, the more emboldened they become to do more. For those angels, God had great purpose in allowing them to continue in “their own way,” just as God is doing now with mankind.

This great rebellion originated from earth. Satan set out to destroy all physical life and the earth itself because his hatred for God’s plan and for God had become so great. His plan even included ascending to God’s throne and then to rule in God’s stead. Some who read this might think that it doesn’t make any sense that Satan could have believed that he could do such a thing by trying to take it all from God. It doesn’t reflect any semblance of soundness of mind for him to have attempted such a thing. It would seem to be rather insane. Yet that is what sin and the corruption of the mind produces—the absence of true soundness.

Mankind’s Proclivity to the Same Unsound Thinking

Mankind is no different when it comes to how people think. There is no acceptance of God’s true greatness and power. There is no real fear to do differently than what God has revealed as His only true way for life to be lived. You may think that isn’t true, but you haven’t yet read this whole book. It is very unsound and even rather insane that people do not keep God’s real greatness and ways in their thinking and reasoning when making decisions. Yet that is exactly what has happened as people accept deception and excuse it.

If a person is truly willing to look at oneself, the simple example given earlier of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is a good place to help a person begin seeing if this kind of reasoning exists in their own mind in which they accept deception and readily excuse it. Most people are not willing to look at themselves under such a light. Most prefer to willingly continue to practice teaching deception and lies to their children, since they see no harm in doing so. Such thinking is a matter of their own way of thinking and not of God’s. That is the kind of thinking that is the result of the corrupting of one’s own mind.

Human nature simply does not want to listen to God when its real desire is to do something different than what God instructs. So obviously, people still choose to live in deception and they willingly accept it for themselves and even their own children. It is easy for the mind to justify one’s actions in such things. It “seems” to such a mind that something like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny is innocent and harmless. Some will defensively claim that the practice of letting children believe in a Santa Claus as part of the observance of Christmas and the Easter Bunny as part of Easter observance is innocent and has nothing to do with religious beliefs in God. That is what the corruption of the mind leads to—ignoring God and judging for oneself what is right and wrong, what is harmful and what is not, and what is sin and what should not be sin. What should be easy to grasp is that God is the true authority and not us.

“There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death” (Proverbs 16:25).

If people do not respond well to the truth of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, then how do you think they respond when they are then told the truth that not only is the observance of a Santa Claus wrong, but the entire observance of Christmas is unbiblical and against God’s will? Then, how do you think people respond? Among those in traditional Christianity, it is not good. It is a bad response, almost always.

However, the bottom line isn’t a matter of “if” a person sees harm in such practices or not. It doesn’t really matter that a person might reason, “It surely can’t be wrong to have an observance in remembrance of Christ’s birthday in order to show honor to him.”

A person who uses such reasoning is not as concerned with listening to God as much as they are in having their own way. They are convinced that “their way” seems okay. Where is God in such a decision? He is ignored! In such cases, what God says about it really isn’t part of their consideration. What difference is there in that kind of thinking with how Satan began to think?

It is an easy thing to find the truth of the true origins of Christmas and Easter. One only needs to go to a good set of encyclopedias, or even better, just look up the history of both on the Internet. Yet in the past, people wouldn’t even be bothered doing that simple thing, and those who generally did look it up saw “no big deal” in the truth of it nor did they see a need to change as a result.

What about you? Are you willing to listen to what God has to say about these observances that have no foundation in scripture? Are you willing to listen to the truth concerning how such observances were deceitfully worked into teachings about Christianity and how God’s Holy Days were taken out? Are you willing to even consider what God commands about the observance of His Holy Days? Are you willing to change so that you can then truly begin to honor and obey God?

God established what He states are “appointed times” (just as in appointments that are to be kept), whereby mankind is to set aside those days as holy time that is to be observed and kept perpetually—forever. That means they are to be observed as long as mankind exists. Much more is yet to be stated about these periods of time which were given to reveal God’s entire plan of salvation for mankind. People do not observe them, and therefore, they do not know God’s true plan.

God gave His Holy Days that mankind is to observe. He did not give the holidays (religious holidays) that mankind has replaced Holy Days with over time. God gave annual observances that reveal “how” to truly honor God and His Son Jesus Christ, and the observance of any birthday to honor Christ is not one of them. These truths have been loudly proclaimed over the past 70 years. This proclamation reached its height during the late 1970s and first half of the 1980s in a powerful way through The Plain Truth magazine that was established through Herbert W. Armstrong. At that time, there were over 8 million copies of that magazine going out into the world in many languages every month.

The attitude of the world in response to what was written concerning God’s Holy Days, which were mentioned at various times within those magazines, was basically summed up in one question: “Who really cares?” Although it was known that tens of millions read that magazine, it had a dismal effect because people really do not listen to God. That is now about to change. The Almighty God is going to change it.

There are a very, very few in this world who apply themselves to observe those Holy Days. In most likelihood, you haven’t even heard of them. Have you heard of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, the Feast of Tabernacles (Booths), or the Last Great Day? Most likely, you have not.

Whether you can comprehend it yet or not, and whether you believe it or not, God is now in the process of intervening in this world’s affairs. This world is now going through a process whereby God is going to bring every single adult in the world face to face with the truth of these Holy Days. Each and every person will have to decide whether they are going to listen to God and embrace what He is powerfully revealing to them or whether they are going to hold to their own days like Christmas (the Mass of Christ) and Easter.

The incredible reality of the time you are living in right now is one when the world is about to enter into a new age. It is one where God is no longer going to allow mankind to practice its own government or religions, but instead, God will rule and govern mankind. This also means that religion itself will be governed, as no other religious practice will be allowed on earth except for what is true. That will be established through His one true Church that has existed since it began in 31 A.D.

That Church has been small from its inception. It has been hated, maligned, persecuted, and a vast number of its leaders have been imprisoned and/or even put to death. It has been so small that most in the world have never even known of its existence. But that is all about to be changed, as it is now God’s purpose to make it a powerful Church, and the only Church on earth.

Satan’s Foul Influence to Deceive

Lucifer set out to turn the angelic realm against God in his ultimate goal of destroying all life on earth, including the earth itself. In addition, he fully intended to establish himself as ruler over all creation. His mind became deeply unsound as he continued his deeper corruption of it.

There really is no difference in what can happen to a mind in spirit life or physical life once one begins to sin. It will become corrupt. The greater the willingness to keep God out of one’s life and delve more deeply into sin, the greater the corruption of the mind. Deception and the willingness to deceive self can become so great that a mind can truly no longer “see straight.” Soundness of mind and true balance in life simply “go out the window.”

That is the kind of world we live in today. There is not much that truly reflects good soundness or balance any more, whereas, only a few decades ago, its presence was far more apparent, yet still highly lacking even then. The farther away the mind moves from God, the more corrupt the mind becomes, and the greater the self-deception and the sin that will follow. Hence, mankind is about to repeat, in its own way, what Satan did due to his pride, greed, jealousy, lust, and pure evil.

More than any words can adequately express, there is incredibly great power in deception and the evil that accompanies it. It all began with Satan, and to this day he works to deceive others. He seeks to deceive the whole world, and he has. God describes Satan’s true power and mission in life when He spoke of him being cast from heaven and bound to this earth.

“And the great dragon was cast out [when free access to heaven was taken away], that old serpent called the Devil, and Satan, who deceives the whole world. He was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9).

Satan the adversary is described as a serpent, as that is representative of the nature he developed once he began to corrupt his mind through sin. He became like one who slithers around in hidden areas and in the dark. He works at trying not to be seen, and then whenever possible, he strikes out quickly against those who are not on guard to his presence. Even then, most never know or recognize it, even after they are struck and injected by his venomous poison.

Further, this being is described as having the power to be able to deceive the whole world. This is especially true concerning all the religions of the world. However, this being has also been highly active and influential over the governments of the world from the very onset of them becoming established on earth. Satan is described as the actual influence and power that is behind a final revival that will take place in Europe and lead to WWIII. This is all covered more in another chapter. All in all, Satan has and continues to exercise power that mankind is oblivious to and doesn’t believe in even when told. That is because mankind hasn’t listened and won’t listen to God.

Satan’s power for deception is far greater than what man is capable of grasping. He is a spirit being of cunning and power who has mastered deception to an evil art form. He has honed his evil skills for over tens of thousands of years and possibly hundreds. We cannot fully grasp that power nor the ability he has to twist and pervert truth into lies and deception that “seems” true to the human mind. Much of why his power is so great over mankind is because mankind’s basic nature is one that is easily willing, and often even desirous, to believe a lie. The only person who has ever been able to fully withstand that being was Jesus Christ. All others have failed.

For nearly 6,000 years now, the Devil has worked to lead mankind far away from any semblance of what is true about God. He has the power to broadcast, in spirit, to the human mind. We understand something similar to this in the way signals can be transmitted through the air and then picked up by a receiver. He is not able to communicate to us as God can through the power of His holy spirit, but as a spirit being he can broadcast in spirit attitude to the human mind. He also has a limited ability to broadcast in thoughts and ideas to a mind, but is unable to communicate clearly on a higher plane.

If a person yields to their own selfish human nature and begins to lust, they open themselves up to the potential of Satan or demons intensifying thoughts and feelings. To a carnal mind that so often willingly submits to it or has great desire to be influenced by the mystic unknown, it can become almost overpowering. If a person becomes upset or mildly angry, Satan can often magnify such feelings and attitude so that the anger becomes far more intense and sometimes uncontrollable.

As an example, two people might enter into a disagreement over some matter. Two people, on their own, can become quite upset with each other over something that is relatively small. This is what Satan and the demons seek out in life, as they have power to broadcast a higher intensity of anger in the form of an “angry attitude” that can work to highly influence a person’s own thoughts toward another and stir up far more of a negative reaction than would be normal. A person can be stirred quickly in such cases to rage and uncontrolled anger.

These beings thrive on such perverseness and evil. The more a human mind becomes corrupted, the more power these beings have to influence and stir such a person to higher levels, creating responses and actions that can be very destructive. The extreme of such responses can often result in actions and behaviors that will become news in the media, such as mass killings. It is the same spirit that works to stir up greater divisiveness than would otherwise normally exist between cultures, race, religion, and general differences among people.

Satan and the demonic world have great power to highly influence and magnify the attitudes—the spirit—toward doing evil if that mind is receptive to it. When a person begins to stray farther away from the way God has shown mankind how they should live toward one another and treat one another, they become easier targets. By moving away from God’s way, which is sin, a person becomes vulnerable and is then easily swayed to magnify an already wrong response toward others. Obviously, most people have no idea that such beings are present throughout the world, as they cannot be seen since they are spirit. Nevertheless, they are there, and God has great purpose for why He has allowed them to exist in their current state among mankind.

Such beings are not to be feared as Hollywood tends to portray them. They are simply evil spirits that seek to make the life of mankind as miserable, unfulfilled, and futile as they possibly can. They hate mankind. The more people work to have right relationships toward their fellow man and God, the less power these beings can have on a person. Simply put, if one will strive to live by the Ten Commandments, then these beings will have a lesser influence on them. The first four Commandments simply reveal how mankind can have a right relationship with God, and the last six reveal how to have a right relationship with others. They reveal how to actually love others.

Be careful in regards to the Ten Commandments if you look them up. A very large part of traditional Christianity has not translated these accurately and some have conveniently omitted one.

Although demonic beings can influence people in such an adverse manner, as it has been described, it is still the ultimate choice of the individual whom they seek to influence whether or not they choose to give into those wrong feelings, emotions, attitudes, and spirit.

Ultimately, no one can make a person act wrong or intensify their already bad behavior if they choose not to engage in it. When a person allows things to start working in their mind, they can then choose not to become more inflamed, angry, stirred-up, jealous, unhappy, etcetera. This is when a person needs to learn to exercise self-control and stop the wrong thinking before it manifests itself in wrong actions.

The really good news in all of this is that Satan and the demons are about to be removed from the presence of mankind for the next 1,100 years.

Satan’s Rebellion

Satan and a third of the angelic realm rebelled mightily against God. They had great power at that time, which was taken from them long ago. That which God had given, He was able to take away. They used the great powers that God had given to them in an effort to begin destroying the entire earth. It happened quickly and in a manner that we can only understand as being like massive nuclear weapons exploding in an instant. The power they collectively unleashed began throwing massive amounts of debris into the upper atmosphere and far beyond. The power that was at work to destroy everything immediately created incredible havoc in the atmosphere itself. It created what can best be understood as a perpetual nuclear type winter that engulfed the earth until God came on the scene tens of thousands of years later to renew the earth.

The power that was used against the earth was so violent that it actually toppled the earth out of its perfect orbit and rotation. Large areas of the earth experienced massive and abrupt change. Parts of the earth itself were quickly ripped apart and thrust into space. All these things occurring in an instant destroyed life quickly in one way or another. Most life simply did not survive the impact. Some life quickly froze when extreme temperatures of cold burst through from the upper atmosphere due to this cataclysmic event. There is even evidence of such a thing in prehistoric mammoths that have been discovered frozen in such a state, implying a quick death by freezing temperatures.

This was so powerful that debris struck the moon, Mercury, Venus, and even Mars. God has revealed that the asteroid belt itself was formed from massive debris ripped free from the earth and scattered into space. There is additional debris within this region that was thrust into space, but it has not yet been revealed where it came from. The earth was originally created with greater mass than it has today. God allowed the power of Satan’s rebellion and his attempted destruction of earth to extend out into space to that point and no farther. It was here that God intervened and stopped any further destruction.

God established a belt of debris in our solar system from what was thrust into space to serve as a constant reminder, to all who come to know it, of what rebellion produces—destruction, chaos, waste, and death. God intervened and stopped the earth from being destroyed, just as He will intervene again, and this time to stop mankind from destroying it.

The process whereby the level of destruction, chaos, and violence grows and escalates in intensity is the result of a corresponding escalation and growth in the power of deception that works in the mind.

Freedom and Vastness of Choice

Earlier, it was mentioned how God had created mankind in a vastly different manner than the angels, and specifically because of the mind that they would be given. There was a vastly different purpose for each being specifically created as they were. Once a person learns of this difference and of God’s reasons for it, the plan of God can then begin to become so much more incredibly inspiring and a matter of deep awe.

In order to begin to understand God’s great purpose for making mankind to exist of physical matter instead of spirit, it is first needful to know more about angels who were created of spirit matter. As it has been stated, God first created a spirit realm in which angels could dwell, just as mankind was created within a physical realm to be able to live in it.

The most important aspect in each creation, in that of angels made of spirit matter and of mankind made of physical matter, is the mind each was given. The body, which contains the mind, is a matter of that which facilitates the ability to interact with God’s creation on an exceedingly high plane for life. This awesomely enhances the ability to experience all life on an incredibly meaningful, fulfilling, and highly active plane for life itself. But the mind God has given to both angels and mankind is the most precious thing of all.

It is the mind that gives each being the ability for independent thought, reasoning, and choices within life. Within the great expanse of variety in God’s creation, each being has vast freedom in choices they can make for how to live life to the fullest within such a creation. There is not just one way of living life to the fullest when it comes to making choices of those things we might individually choose to do or participate in as a matter of our personality and individual desires—as long as it is lawful within God’s ways.

So please understand this context, as there is only one true way to live as a matter of how life is to be lived in accordance with God’s ways. This is a matter of how we treat, respect, and interact with others and with God’s creation itself. Such a thing is simply a matter of striving to live in God’s love that is based on outgoing concern for others and for God’s creation itself. It is the opposite of living in selfishness that is at the expense of others or of God’s creation.

God’s laws given to mankind are for the very purpose of teaching mankind of His ways, which is about a right concern and way to live toward both God and toward mankind. It is the only way that produces peace, happiness, well-being, fullness, and an overall abundant life. Living in pride and selfishness that opposes God’s ways can only produce unrest, confusion, anger, jealousy, lust, bitterness, unhappiness, chaos, destruction, unsoundness of mind and reasoning, evil, suffering, pain, hurt, etcetera.

One way produces good results and blessings in life and the other produces evil and cursed results in life. As you look at the world around you, what do you see? It is so very easy to see what has been reaped by mankind, and it truly should be just as obvious that it is the result of choosing other ways to live other than what God has given as the only one way.

That which mankind has reaped is all simply the result of spiritual laws that are in motion, just like the physical law of gravity. One can work “within the laws” that God has established or one can choose to work against them. The laws that regulate a physical creation, as with gravity, are readily accepted by mankind, since they are able to quickly learn what it means to work against such laws. However, the laws that are of a spiritual nature that affect relationships are easily ignored because of a willingness to minimize the true hurt and damage they actually cause. This is due to selfishness and an insistence of human nature getting its own way, and that most often works at the expense and/or lack of concern toward others.

In the statement that there is only one way to live life, that is always in the context of living God’s one true way of life that produces only good. It is always “a given” when speaking in a context of our own ways, or of someone else’s way, as opposed to God’s only one true way of life. In that context, there is only “one way”—God’s.

When it comes to choices within God’s one true way of life to live, there is great freedom and a vastness of different choices and ways to do things. There is not just a single way, as God offers incredible variety in life that becomes a matter of one’s preference, personality, and individual choices based on personal aspirations, plans, goals, likes and dislikes, etcetera.

Free choice and doing things in a different way than others is what adds much fullness, enjoyment, and zest to life itself. In the simplest examples we should see this. A person may choose to have a cup of coffee in the morning and another may not. Even in that choice there are numerous ways to have that cup. All one has to do is to stand in line as a barista fixes a wide variety of requests. The same is true about choices of food that we eat and where we eat it or the kind of beverage we desire to complement it. These are very simple examples that become magnified so many times over in all kinds of decisions and choices that one makes day in and day out.

This is reminiscent of Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden where everything was provided for them in great abundance. They had great freedom in all kinds of choices in life. Yet they were drawn to one choice that God told them they were not free to make. This would determine their willingness to listen to God. They ultimately chose not to listen, and that decision that likely would have been made in time on its own was accelerated by deception that originated from Satan.

God has given great freedom and an infinitely vast arena for choices to be made within life. Each individual has a multitude of choices before them throughout life, made possible by God, who has given such things to us to highly enhance life with incredible variety, fullness, and joy. This can then be multiplied many times over when such things are shared with others and all the choices that can then be shared within that. This is how God has designed family to be and marriage to be—to be highly engaged in sharing life together. That is meant to offer some of the richest life that a human being can ever attain and experience.

This is exactly what God set out to do in the beginning. His desire was to share with the angelic realm the fullness involved in the planning and producing of such variety, beauty, and marvel of all that was being created in the universe. But then it came time for the creation of mankind, and Satan and those angels who followed him ended their experience of sharing in that fullness and joy that they had been able to participate in with God and the rest of the angelic realm. They cut themselves off from it all. They robbed themselves of the fullness God had created for them to experience together in life and on into life everlasting. Now, they are tormented beings as they wait out the day of the execution of their judgment. They know their time is getting shorter every day.

Mankind has been doing the same thing. Because of selfishness, jealousy, immorality, lust, adultery, perversion, and all other sin, the result has been one where individuals, marriages, families, communities, and nations have suffered mightily. They have robbed themselves of the good fruit and richness in sharing that comes from obedience to God’s one true way to live their lives. They are unable to share in the real fullness that exists within the vast arena of life that is filled with such incredible variety, abundance and good experiences that can come from right living.

Minds Become Set

Now we come to the reason why mankind is created differently than spirit beings, angels, and it is to produce a vastly different purpose.

Some have pondered, since Satan and the demons sinned, “Why would they not repent?” The answer is that they cannot nor do they have a desire or will they ever have a desire to do so.

Angels were created of spirit with a mind of spirit composition and within that mind a spirit essence was given from God. That essence gave them the power and ability for vast memory, thought, reasoning, and individuality that could then develop. They had great freedom of choice within all the variety of life placed before them.

They only knew what God had given to them. They were deeply fulfilled with the vibrant life they were experiencing and enjoying the richness of being able to share it all with one another and with God. Knowing the way of God produced excitement and rich fullness in their lives. They had no need or desire for anything different. That is, until Lucifer began to want a different way than what God was revealing to them because of his jealousy and the great desire he had to protect an image he sought to portray.

That resulted in sin as he began to work against God’s purpose and against God. When he began to be lifted up in pride and turn to his own ways, God said that he had corrupted the perfect mind that He had given to him. For a spirit mind with spirit essence, that corruption, that kind of thinking that turns against God, becomes “permanent.” There is no reversal in a spirit composed mind. The spirit mind becomes “set in corruption,” and it has no desire to change. It wants only its own way, no matter what.

God knew that by creating spirit beings with their own will, individuality, and freedom of choice, that in time it was inevitable that some would turn away from Him. They would turn from God and His one and only way of life that can be lived, which produces an environment of peace, prosperity, joy, and great fullness in life. Satan and a third of the angelic realm rebelled against God. Then their minds, composed fully of spirit, became fully set against God and set in their own desire for their own way.

There is no other way that a living being can be created than the way God has done so, if they are to be individually offered free will and free choice. For such a creation, there was no way to insure that they would always choose God’s way. If that were the case, then the choice would not be free. It would either have to be preprogrammed or always controlled by force. No other way can produce true agreement, unity, harmony, freedom, and peace, or the ability to actually “share” life. So the angels, and even mankind, were created in the only way they could be in order for them to have the ability to decide for themselves the life they would choose as a matter of their own free will. Anything else would simply not be free, but controlled in some manner.

As a result of the rebellion of Satan and the angels who followed him, the rest of the angels had now seen and learned first-hand what rebellion and sin produces. They became more convicted and strengthened in a deeper and greater agreement with God than ever. They clearly chose to remain faithful and became set in that mind. They have chosen to share in the fullness and joy of God’s work into everlasting life.

That level of conviction and purpose that was achieved in their spirit mind could have come in no other way. It has become their set choice to always follow God and His ways.

A Different Mind

God has an astoundingly different purpose for the creation of mankind than of angels. It is one which goes far beyond that of the angelic creation. It is the greatest thing that God can create, as it cannot be created by fiat as all phases of creation were. It is not a matter quickly accomplished as when God created each angel or when God created Adam and then Eve from the dust (elements) of the earth on the sixth day of Genesis 1. That creation which included the ability to procreate on a physical plane is only the first creation that can lead to a far greater creation later.

Mankind was created with the potential to enter into a second creation—a literal creation by God—one that God performs. A physical creation and existence that are only temporary can potentially lead into a second and vastly superior one. Not all will receive that next creation from God, and it is not owed to anyone. For many, this physical life is all they will ever experience. However, the majority will eventually choose God’s way and then seek that creation, just as a majority of the angels have chosen God’s way.

However, because of a different purpose, mankind had to be created in a totally different fashion first—in a physical existence. It is because of the means and potential for such a creation that this could not be accomplished in any other way. Mankind could not be created as spirit first. Some of this will become clearer later. For now, however, it suffices it to say that it had to be done in this manner because of the kind of power, might, and very life that mankind can potentially receive, and this is the only means by which such a thing could be accomplished.

Just as we cannot really grasp the greatness of this universe, let alone of God, that which God will create on a spirit plane from mankind is of that kind of greatness. It is impossible to grasp the awesomeness, power, and might that will be created by God in the lives of those who receive this next creation.

At this point it is simply best to summarize some of the most important aspects of why mankind was first given a physical existence in physical bodies. It was because of the kind of mind God would give to us. It first had to be created of physical matter. God has not yet revealed the great complexity of how it all functions as it does, but a physical brain with the kind of spirit essence God places in each one who is born is the only means through which such a creation can take place.

Although all will not choose it, that second creation that God will offer most all of mankind can lead to an entirely higher and unimaginable level of existence. However, God will not perform that creation unless a person has come to “see” and “believe” that this is what they truly desire for their life—as a matter of their free choice and agreement with God.

Unlike the mind composed of spirit that can become fully corrupted and set in its own way after making a single choice to turn from God, the human mind is different. A human mind can turn from God, and a process of corruption will begin to very slowly develop, but the mind does not become immediately set against God because of sin.

The greater purpose of all this is astounding, but for now, it is necessary to only begin to grasp that God made us this way so that we can repent, and a process that began long before, due to a carnally selfish human nature, can begin to be reversed. It is interesting to note that the word translated as repent in the New Testament comes from a Greek word that means “to think differently.” Upon one’s own free choice, if one desires to reverse the corruption that has so deceitfully worked within their human mind, they can choose to change.

God made us knowing that by our being created physical, we would be drawn to want our own way. It begins as a baby and continues to grow stronger throughout life. A baby has a nature that begins to be developed from birth. It is the basic development of a selfish nature within a physically created being, simply because of living in a physical created life. It is a nature that “wants its own way.”

An uncomfortable baby, a hungry baby, will let you know when it wants its way. We have been made subject to our own selfish nature. As one grows, so does the selfishness and the desire to have one’s own way. When one becomes an adult, selfishness is set, and that produces sin. God states that all have sinned, except for one, Jesus Christ. So mankind by nature is selfish, seeks its own way, and the result is sin.

However, the good news is that such thinking can be changed. Once a person enters into a second phase of creation, that initiates a long process that is an ongoing participation with God of a spiritual creation within the very mind itself. In God’s timing for each, a person can be offered the opportunity to choose to develop a “new mind” and way of thinking that can come into full agreement with God and His ways of life, if they so desire.

The world is right now at the verge of time when this choice to change and live in actual peace and unity around the world is about to be offered to all mankind as God establishes His government throughout the earth.

As you read this book, those choices are beginning to be placed in front of you, just a little ahead of others. Now is an opportunity to seek help for yourself and loved ones and to let God know if you want to be part of that new age. The choice is yours. It is good to begin right here to look honestly and truthfully at your own human nature. One has to come to see one’s own true nature before a choice can truly be made to want something else for themselves or loved ones—a choice for the way of this present world or one that God offers.

The bottom line is that mankind is subject to its own selfish nature. People do not really have control of their nature that becomes inward and selfish from childhood. One of the best examples to help explain this is what I learned from one of God’s apostles before he died. Herbert W. Armstrong was speaking of this very thing when he was describing the difference between God’s kind of love that is always outgoing and caring toward others and that of mankind’s love.

The example is one of a mother’s love toward her own child. It is hard for people to grasp that even in such a beautiful picture as this of a mother’s love of her child, it is actually one of selfish motivation from the mother. The mother does not have the same kind of care, nurturing desire, and love toward all other children as she does her own. Yet for mankind, a mother’s love for her own child is indeed a beautiful thing. It is just that it isn’t comparable to God’s kind of love, and although beautiful, it is still selfish by nature.

God’s love is all encompassing and fully outgoing toward mankind in its desire to give care, concern, help, nurture, and great love toward others. If only everyone could see it and accept it from Him, but instead, mankind resists and fights against God.

It is an awesome thing why we have been given a physical mind (a brain) with spirit essence in it, instead of having a spirit composed mind. In our state, the corruption of the mind can be reversed and the corruption fully erased. Deception can begin to be seen and then removed as one begins to be made free of the bondage it has had upon our mind and our thinking.

We do have the potential for entering into a further creation that can begin to take place in the mind itself—after free choice and personal desire for it to begin, if indeed that is truly what we want. That next phase of our development, if we choose to receive it when offered it, is a creation that is “spiritual” within the mind and then leads to the creation of becoming “spirit in body”—into life ever-lasting.