An End-Times book by Ronald Weinland

Rev 10:11

Chapter 6

MUCH HAS ALREADY BEEN STATED in this book about how mankind has not listened to God over the past 6,000 years. One should be able to readily see what mankind’s selfish choices have produced over the centuries as a result of their refusal to listen. There has been great human suffering, unhappiness, poverty, famine, massive sickness, crime, oppression, decadence, inequality, injustice, war, and so much more that is simply evil.

Enough is ENOUGH! That is exactly where mankind now finds itself. God is beginning to intervene and tell this world that indeed, after 6,000 years, this is enough!

Is there anything that can begin to motivate mankind to finally start listening to God? Over the past several years now, that is exactly what God has been working toward, to bring people to the point to where they can become more willingly motivated to listen to Him so that they can be saved to live into a new age for mankind.

This is a near impossible task, as the entire history of mankind attests to the fact that people will not listen to God. However, God is going to bring about a change in such behavior, one way or the other. Either way, it will be difficult and there will be horrible physical tribulation regardless. In this final end-time, mankind will now bring much destruction upon itself, and if God did not intervene, mankind would destroy all life on this planet. This has been said before, but it bears repeating, because at some point everyone must come to see this.

In addition to what mankind is doing to itself in this end-time, God is also going to bring certain catastrophic events upon this world in such a manner as to target those who are resisting Him the most, those who carry a greater responsibility and/or are actively causing much of the misinformation, suffering, corruption, injustice, confusion, and evil that is hurting families, communities, or nations. God will do this in the most merciful manner possible in order to help motivate people to change. Yet there will be many among those who are being directly affected by such events who will believe they are not resisting God, but instead, embracing Him. However, it is not God whom they embrace. Instead, it is their false religious beliefs about God, as with traditional Christianity, and other false religious beliefs.

Sadly, however, people are not generally motivated to listen to God until everything in which they have put their trust is destroyed and/or no longer exists. Only then can people potentially begin to genuinely look for answers and listen. The word “potentially” is used here, because even after God gives people every opportunity to begin to listen to Him, they still will have the same free choice in their life as they have always had. Therefore, the potential for change still lies squarely in their own hands. God has shown that this is the only way people will begin to listen, but even then, many still will not.

So, when the money or savings a person relies upon becomes worthless, what will they do? When stocks and bonds have no value, what will people do? When the transport of food to grocery stores and fuel to gas stations ceases, what will people do? When there is no government support or even a military, what will people do? What will people do when they no longer have a job or place to work? What will people do when their religion cannot give them any answers, hope, or peace? What will people do when there is no television, radio, cell phone service, Internet, Facebook, etcetera? These things are going to fully disappear in many regions of the world and only be intermittent in others.

Mankind is bringing about its own global economic collapse. Mankind is bringing about its own great war—a nuclear war. Yet this in itself isn’t enough to stir people to listen to God. You might think that it would be enough. Some few will begin to listen as a result of these man-made evils, but not the billions or even the hundreds of millions.

God is not going to allow the total destruction of mankind, but He is going to allow mankind to engage in a nuclear war that will build into a final all-out nuclear confrontation. He reveals that this event alone will result in the death of just over 2.3 billion people. That is mankind’s own doing, and God is going to allow it. If God did not allow it to reach this shocking level of destruction, the vast majority of the world would still not listen to Him, even after it was revealed that it clearly was Him who ended that war. Yet indeed, God will end it, before it goes beyond 2.3 billion people.

Even after God intervenes to stop any further destruction from any more nuclear weapons after a third of mankind has been destroyed by them, there is much more that must happen to begin moving the greater numbers of mankind toward a different spirit—to one that becomes humbled and willing to listen to its Creator. The world has great pride, and it is not easily humbled. Therefore, it strongly resists listening to God.

God is taking control of this world. Mankind’s self-rule will end! God is sending His Son to a world that has been humbled and ready to listen. He is going to establish a new government—His government upon this earth.

Whatever it takes to humble this world to a level that is needed in order for that government to become established without any more defiant resistance, it will be done. Any strong resistance to it is simply going to be destroyed. The 6,000-year period of mankind’s self-rule is finally and definitely coming to an end, and God is going to establish His righteous, just, and merciful rule over mankind for the next 1,000 years.

It will no longer matter whether anyone likes it or not, or whether they agree with it or not. Mankind’s self-rule is almost at its end.

God’s great desire through all this is to create the best means possible whereby the maximum number of people will potentially become humbled and begin to listen to Him rather than be destroyed. Opposition to God and refusal to listen to Him is what has brought mankind to the point of its own self-extinction. That kind of strong opposition is finally going to be brought to an end.

God’s Intervention

God is working to create the best possible environment to potentially bring more people to humility so they will become more willing to listen to Him. What are some of those things that God will be doing to help create such an environment? God is going to intervene in several different ways and at different times in order to maximize the potential for bringing many more to humility, so that they might then begin to choose to listen to Him.

This will all involve much human suffering, since there is no other way such a thing can be accomplished. However, the level of death and destruction has the potential to be reduced mightily if people do respond in a right spirit of humility. One example that helps reveal the hard-heartedness and stubbornness of human pride concerns why God must not intervene right away when mankind begins its final course to self-annihilation in an all-out nuclear war.

If God were to intervene too soon, mankind would simply dismiss what the true outcome would be if He had not intervened. They would hold to their own pride and belief that they would not go so far as to annihilate themselves. They would not believe the truth of the actual outcome—self-annihilation. So God knows when to intervene in order to prevent much of mankind from dismissing and ignoring what is true. God has determined to intervene at a point after this final all-out nuclear conflict destroys one-third of mankind. Even then, there will still be vast numbers who will not humble themselves and admit what is true. The pride in mankind is exceedingly great.

Since God allows mankind to bring destruction upon itself to the extent of 2.3 billion people dying, some would respond by saying, “Then God isn’t merciful since He wouldn’t stop it sooner.” God does mercifully prevent mankind’s self-annihilation. If God did not allow this level of self-destruction to come upon mankind, it would not begin to be humbled to any meaningful level. If it did not become humbled, but instead continued to resist and fight against God and the government He is establishing over all nations, then the result would be that most of mankind would perish. Those who resist God and insist on their own course of engaging in the destruction of the earth will be destroyed. There is no negotiation in God taking control to end mankind’s self-rule and in establishing His own government over all the nations.

The reason God will stop an all-out nuclear war should be obvious, and that is so that mankind does not annihilate itself; however, the manner and means God does so has far greater meaning and that needs to be understood. Again, it is a question of how the spirit in mankind can be humbled so that it will begin to listen to God and thereby have the potential to be saved alive. God’s great desire, above all things, is to extend mercy to mankind, but mercy only has meaning if people are seeking it. If they do listen with the desire to change and live into the Millennium, then God will listen. The more who will listen and begin to seek change, the more that can be protected and given continuing life rather than death.

Further, God is not only going to intervene to stop that nuclear war, but He is going to intervene in the affairs of mankind in many other ways as well. Again, this is for the purpose of helping to crush human pride so that people can be brought to humility and begin listening. That which God does will definitely not be welcomed by those who will be most affected by His direct intervention because it will involve much suffering.

It was stated earlier that there is a prophetic day when God will pour out what is described in the Book of Revelation as the Seven Last Plagues. These are what God will use to intervene and stop that nuclear war. It is stated that by these plagues, God will “destroy those who are destroying the earth.” These plagues have the potential for destroying more than all that will be destroyed in that nuclear war; however, the actual outcome of those plagues is fully dependent upon the response mankind has to them.

Yet in all of this, God’s great desire above all else is to extend mercy so that people can live. However, it is not just so they can continue to live on into an otherwise sick and polluted world as they have been, but that they might live into a new age of peace, abundance, blessings, prosperity, true justice and equality, happiness, and all of this with great fullness of life.

Purpose of the Seven Last Plagues

First, God’s purpose in direct intervention through the Seven Last Plagues is to stop the nuclear war—to stop WWIII. Yet there is more to how those plagues can now be administered in order to humble a larger amount of people and to potentially save many more who can then live on into the Millennium. This is one major area God is now changing that has only been made possible by the addition of seven more years beyond 2012.

If God had allowed WWIII to begin soon after 2008, His plan to end that war would have been accomplished in one day, which would have been on Pentecost in 2012. That would have been such a powerful event that mankind would have been stopped in its tracks, shocked to the core of its being, and truly readied to listen to God. However, if the world had been humbled in that one day, the death and destruction would have been exceedingly great.

God prophetically reveals that the Sixth Trumpet of Revelation is the time where mankind will engage in a final all-out nuclear confrontation. It has already been stated that this confrontation will destroy one-third of all the earth, which means one-third of mankind will die as a result, or 2.3 billion people.

Yet the next trumpet, which is the Seventh Trumpet, consists of the Seven Last Plagues, and this is when God intervenes and stops that war. It states that the purpose of these final great plagues is for Him “to destroy those who are destroying the earth.” This destruction will come upon those people and nations who are engaged in and supporting that war—a war that is destroying the earth. If this event in the administration of these plagues had occurred in 2012, there would have been at least an additional 3.5 billion people destroyed in that single day, and likely hundreds of millions more.

These events that happen toward the very end of this end-time should be feared, just as the flood of Noah’s day should have been feared. God will be executing great judgment on this earth against those who have so corrupted their minds that they become blindly engaged in helping to destroy this earth.

But what if these plagues could be administered by God in a different manner whereby many could then have the potential to be saved? What if the number of those that will die could potentially be cut in half or even far more than if these things had occurred in 2012? When asking these questions, it is important to understand that the only way that number can ultimately be reduced in such a large manner is IF “those who are destroying the earth” will begin to listen to God and cease from their evil. That is what God is now preparing to offer to those who would otherwise come under these plagues and be destroyed. As always, the choice is theirs and theirs alone to make.

As stated, those plagues are going to be poured out first and foremost for the purpose of stopping WWIII and to destroy those who are destroying the earth, and those prophetic events are set and cannot be changed. God is now revealing another purpose for these plagues. He is revealing the answer to the following question: “How can these plagues be poured out in a different manner so they might potentially produce a stronger desire within many people, and even perhaps within an entire nation, so they can become humbled, begin listening to God, and then cease from the evil they are causing on the earth?”

By understanding how God has now changed the manner in which He can administer these plagues, once He begins to directly intervene, then one will be able to begin to understand other things that God is doing and changing in order to offer many more people the potential to live into a new age. Again, as always, the actual results in people’s lives are a matter of individual free choice, and therefore, fully dependent upon how they respond.

Initially, God gave the date of Pentecost 2012 for Christ’s coming. That date was not set as absolute, nor was it the only time He could send His Son to reign over this earth, although in the four years preceding that date, God’s Church believed it was the only date for Christ’s coming, and they lived their lives accordingly in faith all the way up to that very day. As a result, the Church was harshly mocked because of this belief. Nevertheless, that was the first date given to God’s Church of Christ’s coming. Yet God is not confined by time to accomplish many prophetic events, unless He has specifically given something that is absolute, where no more time or mercy can be extended. However, there are many areas given within prophetic events where there are exceptions, if mankind will listen and turn to God.

For now, however, it is important to know that for the day of Pentecost of 2012, God had revealed that it would be a “prophetic day” in which He would pour out the Seven Last Plagues.

There was a time by mid-2008 that God had set for when He would make a final judgment as to when Christ would come, as to whether it would be the first date He had revealed to His Church, Pentecost of 2012, or whether it would be seven years later on Pentecost of 2019.

It is important to understand that there is a very great difference in how those final plagues would be poured out depending upon which date God would judge was best for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. If these had been poured out on that final “prophetic day” in May of 2012, it would have been such a destructive event and would have so shocked and stunned the world that on the following day the world would have been ready to listen to God. No matter the date, when Jesus Christ does return, the world will have been made ready to listen to God.

It is necessary to understand the use of the term for a “prophetic day,” as this is extremely important in what is about to be covered. This is simply a prophetic expression for a very specific time period in which God alone must reveal the actual period it defines. These periods vary according to God’s purpose and design, and again, no one can know the actual period of a specific “prophetic day” that is spoken of, unless God reveals it.

The seven-day week that God gave to mankind prophetically pictures 7,000 years, where a “prophetic day,” in this case, is 1,000 years. In this example, the seventh day Sabbath is equivalent to the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ.

There are several examples where a prophetic day is equal to one year in actual fulfillment. There is also the seventh Holy Day that is called the Last Great Day. It is a prophetic day that foretells of a 100-year period that follows the Millennium in which a second life is given to most of mankind who have lived and died throughout the span of human life.

Any period of time can be represented as a “prophetic day,” and the actual duration of what God will fulfill in it can only be known after He reveals it. In the case of the Seven Last Plagues, their duration for when God directly intervenes is actually the last “prophetic day” of mankind’s self-rule on earth, but that does not mean it is a literal one-day period.

Seven Last Plagues in a Determined “Prophetic Day”

As mentioned, the “prophetic day” God had determined for 2012 as being the first possible date for Christ’s coming was the literal one-day period that would have been on Pentecost of that year.

For all of the reasons being stated in this chapter, God judged that seven additional years be granted to mankind before the final stages of the end-time should commence, and that Pentecost of 2019 would be the next date set for Christ’s return to this earth. It will be on that day that he will once again stand upon the Mount of Olives as scripture foretells. In making this change, God has also made a change in the duration for which that last “prophetic day” is to be fulfilled. Instead of that period being defined as a literal one-day period as it was before 2012, God is now defining that “prophetic day” as 50 actual days.

On the day that Jesus Christ begins his return to this earth, he will become manifest above the atmosphere of this earth, and after this, God will then begin a process of pouring out those plagues. Rather than pouring all of them out in a single day, God will now do so throughout the period of 50 literal days. Yet just before these plagues begin to be poured out, the 144,000 will be resurrected.

This event of Christ appearing in the atmosphere above the earth begins in the midst of God’s Holy Days during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is on the same day when the offering of the Wave Sheaf was performed yearly at the temple. This has incredibly awesome significance and meaning that has now been added to this timing for Christ’s coming, because it now ties together in an awesome manner both the Wave Sheaf Offering during Unleavened Bread and the offering of the Wave Loaves on the day of Pentecost.

The offering of the Wave Sheaf in the Old Testament represented Jesus Christ as the first of the firstfruits, and the offering of the Wave Loaves on Pentecost represents the rest of the firstfruits of God—the 144,000. Jesus Christ was the first of the firstfruits of God, and the 144,000 are the rest of the firstfruits of God. Although these are resurrected on that day of the Wave Sheaf, they will not stand on earth until 50 days later on the day of Pentecost, along with Jesus Christ. That Pentecost reveals that they have been fully received of the Father and are now established to reign in the Kingdom of God on earth from that day forward.

This all has very profound meaning in the greater fulfillment of God’s great plan of salvation.

From the point of that day, which represents when the Wave Sheaf was offered, the Seven Last Plagues can begin to be administered in a completely different manner than had been purposed before in 2012. Now these plagues can be interspersed throughout this entire 50-day period, and they will be. Each of these can also occur at different times, in different areas, with different lengths of duration, and any can be repeated if God so chooses.

This entire process is one of the means whereby God is revealing His desire to extend great mercy to as many people as possible in this final end-time. The means of God’s intervention and use of these plagues reflects that desire and purpose that He is seeking to work out, whereby a vastly greater number of people can potentially be delivered into the Millennium. Though there will still be great suffering and death, that number can be reduced mightily throughout this time period if people will only humble themselves before God. God is extending much mercy through this process, as people are being offered a far greater opportunity for being saved alive. If they will not be humbled by this process and begin listening to God, then the last of these days will be very strong against those who are destroying the earth, because mankind will be humbled before Christ returns.

This entire process, although very catastrophic in nature, is all designed to heighten the potential for mankind to become humbled, and then to become motivated with the desire to listen. People must be brought to the point where they will begin to look at themselves realistically and far more truthfully in order to acknowledge great change must take place in themselves.

Yet again, throughout the administration of these plagues, the level of destruction that will be administered rests solely upon how those who are destroying the earth respond. If they still will not be humbled, they will simply be destroyed, and that total number could still be in excess of 3.5 billion people. This period of the plagues will be mankind’s last opportunity to begin to listen to God. God has been very patient and full of mercy. It is mankind that has refused to listen to Him, and is instead bent on its own self-destruction.

Nations Struck By Incredible Fear

On this day that Christ returns in the atmosphere above the earth, the 144,000 are resurrected in order for them to be gathered together unto him. This event will be visible throughout the entire earth. God is going to physically manifest elements of this event that is happening in a spirit realm, as Jesus Christ is spirit and the 144,000 who are resurrected to be with him are resurrected as spirit beings. Being spirit, they cannot be seen by mankind, except for whatever physical manifestation God gives of this event.

This physical manifestation will appear as it is described in Revelation as it occurs on a spiritual plane, a sea of glass that is mingled with fire. It will be massive in size with great brilliance and a dancing display of color that runs throughout it. It simply appears and remains stationary for a time, just above the earth’s atmosphere as the earth rotates beneath it.

From the perspective of people on earth, they are able to see this incredible brilliance that is large in size, but they cannot detect what it is. No instruments can measure the size, mass, or shape that it has because it has none. This in itself creates even greater fear because all that can be detected is simply by human sight. The display from earth will cause wonder, awe, shock, incredible fear, and panic. It is so intense that the nations who have been at war with one another will stop their fighting.

The only thing that most can bring themselves to believe at this point is that this is an invasion, and many nations will then unite for the sake of what they believe is self-preservation in order to fight against it. Suddenly, WWIII takes a back seat as nations now set out to fight against what they can only believe is an invasion. Some will believe it is an alien invasion from another world, and yet others will believe what they are being told, that it is an invasion from the antichrist.

Those who are aware of the contents of this book have already been forewarned of what will appear in the heavens, and many will have knowledge of the exact date that this will occur. They are without excuse and must decide if they are going to believe a great false Church and fight against what they are told is the power of antichrist coming to destroy mankind, or whether they will choose to believe what most already know deep down inside—that this is indeed from Almighty God.

These have the opportunity to immediately respond and act upon what many are already beginning to believe is true, or they will suffer quickly from the First Plague. That plague is described clearly in prophecy: “There fell a debilitating affliction of exceedingly painful ulcers upon those who had the mark of the beast, and upon those who have worshipped its image” (Revelation 16:2). This description of the first plague is directed first toward a very specific group. It is not directed to most of the regions of Russia, China, and their allies.

By this stage in reading this book, it should be no mystery who this is directed toward. This is squarely directed at those ten nations of a United Europe who have finally come together as one from out of the European Union. By the time the First Plague is poured out, which quickly follows the manifestation of Christ’s coming, God has given them great potential to begin listening to Him, and if they have not responded, then many will begin to die from this plague. It will not be a small number, but tens of thousands will begin to die, and very quickly so. By this point, it could also be judged that tens of millions will die from this one plague if the vast majority of people in this new ten-nation union remain defiant and unyielding to God.

If people still fail to begin listening once this plague has been poured out, they will then suffer from the Second Plague, and the next, and so forth, until they do respond.

The First Plague is first and foremost directed upon those who have supported the Beast over many centuries now, and especially during the previous six revivals of great European aggression and continental war, beginning with Justinian in 554 A.D. This plague is directed toward those who are described as having “worshipped its [the beast’s] image.” This is especially directed toward Germany who is at the helm of these final ten united nations of Europe. This is also directed toward many throughout the rest of Europe who have all received the “mark of the beast,” due to a very long history that is religiously aligned with these ten nations.

This is simply speaking of the mark or sign of that great false religious system since it first began, which became the predominant sign that distinguished it from the primary sign identifying God’s true Church. God’s true Church has always had the sign of the seventh day Sabbath that is observed from Friday (the 6th day of the week) at sunset until the sun sets on Saturday (the 7th day). The great false church that arose in 325 A.D. adopted its own sign or mark, and that was the first day of the week—Sunday as their day of worship.

Some who have grown up in the past thirty to forty years in different nations of the world have a difficult time understanding this difference between what is being described as the 7th day Sabbath and the false observance that is on the 1st day of the week, Sunday. In the late 1970s, many within Europe began to adopt a calendar that changed the way calendars had been observed throughout the centuries before this. However, calendars remained the same and did not change in countries like the United States, which show the week correctly, beginning with the 1st day, Sunday. The 6th day is Friday followed by the 7th day, Saturday (the true Sabbath of God).

The change on Europe’s calendars showed Monday to be the first day of the week. By doing this, they could show Sunday to now be the 7th day of the week, thus making the true Sabbath or Saturday the 6th day of the week. There was great deception involved in making this change. It was not to help facilitate a better means for setting out the five-day work week by having those five days listed first in the week, as they purported that they were doing. Actually, the true motive behind this was strictly done to promote Sunday as the Sabbath. Now they could finally show Sunday as being the 7th day of the week. Many other nations, with the same influence of that great European church, adopted this same calendar that began to show the 7th day of the week to be Sunday.

So, a United Europe, bearing “the mark of the beast,” or Sunday, will now have far greater potential to listen to God and live. It is important to remember that if Christ had returned in 2012 all those plagues would have been poured out in one day in order to simply “destroy those who are destroying the earth.”

It is also important to understand that most of the nations in the world will get dragged into this final war, and that would be true regardless of the date Christ returns. Vast regions of Africa, South and Central America, the entire Middle East, Eastern Europe, and especially nations throughout Asia will become involved in supporting that war in one way or the other, and they will experience some or all of these plagues that God Himself pours out upon them.

The Potential for Nations and People to Be Saved

The destruction that will be caused by these plagues now has the potential for being changed. The magnitude of that destruction is not set as it was for 2012, where all the destruction from all seven of those plagues would have occurred in just one day. The scale of destruction can now change IF some of the nations and peoples in them will begin to listen to God.

IF some of these nations will begin to listen and people begin to bring about change in their lives before Christ is seen returning in the heaven above the earth’s atmosphere, then they have strong potential to be delivered early. If people, and especially leaders of nations, will begin to listen to God, no matter when that is, then God will begin to listen to them.

The context for those who will begin to listen means that they become humbled before God and begin to reflect and express a genuine desire to begin listening to Him and to make actual changes in their life. If they will begin to cry out to God and cease from their evil ways as they begin to seek His mercy and help, He will listen to them.

However, some people and nations have already so corrupted their minds that it is already known that most will not change and will not humble themselves, just like in the days of Noah. Some of those nations will be nearly completely destroyed.

One of the areas where the greatest change might possibly occur as a result of all prophetic events being moved forward by seven years concerns Europe. This region of the world will now have some of the greatest potential to dramatically reduce its own levels of destruction and death. If many of the leaders of these nations will begin to listen to God, they can help to save multiple hundreds of millions of lives, including that of their own families and themselves. If they refuse, their families will become some of the first to suffer.

Not only will Europe need to begin listening to God early on, but she is also going to have to begin making a very strong stand against that which has worked to keep her blind throughout the centuries. Ever since the rise of the Roman Empire under Constantine and his establishment and support of a single state religion, that religion has flourished over Europe with great power and deception. Europe will find herself with the need to step up and begin destroying that influence and exposing that false religion for what it truly is. That means that the great false woman (the Catholic church) and her daughters (churches that have come from her) who have deceived the world with false religion must come to an end.

Russia and some of those nations next to her also have greater potential to become humbled and to begin listening to God, yet that is unlikely until possibly well into those 50 days when the Seven Last Plagues are poured out. The choice is always theirs alone to make.

The extent to which these plagues are poured out upon the nations of the world is fully in the hands of each nation, especially its leaders, and the people themselves to a lesser degree. If Europe and Russia begin to listen and put an end to the massive destruction they themselves have been causing once WWIII has begun, and IF many of them begin to repent of the evil they have allowed into their lives, then clearly, God will begin to listen to their cries. This is obviously true for any nation and people of the world, but some regions will now have far greater potential for doing so than before 2012.

Sadly, at this time, there is no indication that any of the Muslim nations will be inclined in any way to listen to any of the words of this book. Two such nations wouldn’t even allow the first two books into their country, though they could not prevent them from being downloaded from the Internet. This in itself reveals the depth of their conviction against what has been given from the God of Abraham to be written here. If these nations continue to refuse to the end and stubbornly refuse to listen to whom God sends to them, then they may well be among those who suffer the most of all the nations.

Primarily, China and India, as well as many of the nations throughout Asia, are among those who will tend to resist God the most, and these will be among those who will cause some of the greatest destruction that will occur during WWIII. Some of these are already set against God and most will refuse Him, and as a result, they will be among those who are the recipients of the greatest destruction and death that will come from the Seven Last Plagues. There are some few regions and peoples amongst these nations who do have strong potential of listening and turning to God, and if they will, they can receive of God’s protection in the very midst of massive destruction around them. God is all-powerful and can easily deliver any who turn to Him in genuine humility.

How Prophecies Can Be Fulfilled

God has many ways in which to fulfill the prophecies He has had recorded in scripture. Over a third of the Bible is about prophetic events, and nearly 90 percent of that is prophecy about this end-time. Some large portions of those end-time prophecies have been about God’s Church, although not even God’s own Church knew this until after the Apostasy occurred.

This very large amount of prophetic scripture that is about the end of mankind’s self-rule and the establishment of the Millennium, clearly reveals the kind of significance God has placed on the events that finally lead up to His Son’s return. So indeed, this period of time in which you are now living just happens to be the most momentous and important period in all human history.

Prophecy is one of those things that people wrestle with as they try to figure out what certain prophecies mean or how they will become fulfilled. Often, something stated about prophecy is taken by people to mean that it cannot change in any fashion, or that it must happen in only one specific way. That is not true. God has many ways in which He can fulfill His own word, and the only way to know what any prophecy means is by what God reveals through His own prophets.

When God has recorded prophecy in scripture, He has recorded things that He will bring to pass. “How” He does so is not always set. There is not one way of doing it, although many believe otherwise. Yet there are exceptions, and one example of this was in what was prophesied concerning the Messiah and his coming the first time as the Passover of all mankind. There were specific things concerning Christ that God fulfilled in exact detail, without any change or variation, as to when and how those things became fulfilled.

However, most of the time, there is simply a basic structure that God has given for the fulfillment of prophetic events. God will bring that to pass, similar to following a blueprint in the construction of a building. The primary structure that is to be built can be set, while yet allowing for many other details that can be added and/or changed within it.

With prophecy, there are details that can sometimes be changed, while not affecting the primary structure of a specific area of prophecy. This is especially true if a particular outcome or purpose for a prophecy is directly tied into varying factors that can come about as a result of human response. That response most generally has to do with whether or not people will choose to listen to God or not.

Without getting into too much detail here, some examples concerning things already mentioned should prove helpful.

During Noah’s day, God gave people 100 years in which they could have chosen to listen to Him if they wanted to do so. God already knew their minds had become so corrupted that no one would listen, yet they did have the choice. They chose not to listen. God told Noah what would come to pass by bringing a great flood, and the fact that there would be such a flood could not be changed because God already knew the level of corruption that existed in their human mind.

During more than 50 years of Herbert W. Armstrong warning mankind, no-one truly listened except those whom God specifically called to become part of His Church. God has clearly revealed the bull-headedness of mankind to resist and its refusal to listen to Him. Only at a time when mankind brings great destruction upon itself, or when God intervenes to chasten mankind, will it show any signs of a willingness to begin to listen to Him. However, even then, many simply will not, no matter how bad it gets.

That is why God is now working to create the best possible environment that has the greatest potential possible to humble and motivate people to listen. That process will consist of both, a combination of great destruction that mankind will bring upon itself, and of what God will bring upon it as well. All these highly destructive events will work to help maximize the ability for pride-filled mankind to begin to become humbled because this is the only thing that can actually help mankind to change so that it can be saved.

The way in which God is doing this is the only way for the largest number of people possible to have the potential to become humbled to the point of becoming motivated to listen to God. This is not an easy thing, as it still involves much human suffering and death. Sadly, this is the only way to bring about a millennial period in which people will begin to want what God is offering them as they become truly and deeply sickened with the ways of mankind and the misery those ways have produced.

So again, there is certain prophecy that is set, as in the example when God declared that there would be a prophetic structure for the end-time whereby ten nations of great military might would rise in a seventh and last revival in Europe. That structure of prophecy cannot be changed. Seven revivals for Europe were set by God to become fulfilled over a period of several hundred years. These were absolute. In the last revival there will be ten nations in a united Europe that will agree together for a very short time as they engage in a third world war. That prophecy is a structure that will not change, and it will happen exactly as God has stated.

Jesus Christ will return to the earth and stand upon the Mount of Olives on a day of Pentecost. That cannot change.

At Christ’s coming, there will be 144,000 who will be resurrected to reign with him in the Kingdom of God, and that prophecy is set and cannot be changed.

Some Prophecies Can Change

As it has already been covered, God will begin to pour out the Seven Last Plagues after the coming of Christ is manifested in the heaven above the earth’s atmosphere. That structure cannot change, as it is set. But the extent of the destruction that follows, and how long it can last can be changed, as that is not set. As in all these cases, any change is dependent upon whether people will begin to respond in a right way to God—whether or not they will begin to listen to Him.

The prophecy of WWIII is set. The extent of destruction caused by mankind is set because God is going to allow mankind to use the nuclear weapons it has made. The purpose is so that people will then have to acknowledge that if God did not intervene, mankind would destroy itself. Otherwise, mankind would learn nothing about its true real potential to completely destroy itself. Over 2.3 billion people will die from the final nuclear confrontation alone. This is set, and if God did not intervene, nothing would be left alive on this earth.

Earlier, when it was mentioned about the many nations that would be affected by the Seven Last Plagues, the United States of America was not mentioned, and some may wonder why. The reason is that the Seven Last Plagues are the result of the Seventh Trumpet of Revelation. The United States will have already ceased to be a viable nation by the time the Fifth through Seventh Trumpet blasts are fulfilled.

The Seven Trumpets of Revelation are set, and the United States of America will collapse as a result of the first four trumpet prophecies. That will not change. However, the extent of the destruction from these four trumpets can change. This is an example of where one of the greatest factors for prophetic change can potentially occur, and again, the result of the destruction is dependent upon who and how many will listen and begin to change.

There is a well-known story that applies to how some prophecy can change. Many are likely familiar with the story concerning a prophet of God named Jonah and how he attempted to run away from a responsibility God had given him to prophesy against the great city of Nineveh because of their evil. God first revealed to His prophet what He was going to do to Nineveh, and Jonah was to tell that to them.

However, Jonah boarded a ship and tried to run away from that responsibility. Once at sea, God caused a great storm, and the ship became in danger of being destroyed. After a short while, the crew was led to Jonah and became convinced that this mighty storm was happening because of him. So they cast him overboard, and the sea then ceased from raging.

This is a story that some people find just too hard to believe, but it did happen. God had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah, and after it did, he was then in the bowels of that fish for three days and three nights. It is this account that Christ referred to when he stated that he would remain in the bowels of the earth (the tomb) for the exact same period of time.

It didn’t take Jonah long before he began to cry out to God for deliverance as he acknowledged the error of his ways. This account describes how seaweed became wrapped around his head and how water was constantly washing over him. So wherever he was specifically lodged within that great fish, he was able to breathe, but he also experienced the effect of some digestive acids that worked to bleach much of his skin.

At the end of those three days, the fish vomited Jonah out on dry land on the coasts of Nineveh. Once again, God told Jonah to warn the people and give them the prophecy that He had told him to deliver in the first place. So Jonah began his journey toward the city center which was about a day’s journey away. This city-state of Nineveh was so great that it would take a three-day’s journey to simply travel all the way through it.

Something notable in all this is that Nineveh had religious beliefs and worship that included the use of images in the shape of fish, and in particular, the head of a fish. When people heard that Jonah had been spewed on shore by a great fish, and they saw him and saw that his skin was partially bleached, Jonah was not only easily recognized, but the story of what happened to him spread quickly, as did his prophecy from God.

Jonah traveled a day’s journey into Nineveh where he began to do most of his warning. He told the people that he was a prophet from God and that he had been sent to them with a warning from Him. They were told that due to their evil ways they would be overthrown within 40 days.

The people were moved with fear and actually believed what Jonah was saying. Once the king of Nineveh heard Jonah’s warning, he came down from his throne and began to fast and seek God’s mercy. He also sent out a decree to all Nineveh that they should fast, and that neither they nor any animals should eat or drink. They were told by the king to turn from their evil way and from the violence in their hands.

The king concluded his decree by saying, “Who can know if perhaps God will turn from His fierce anger so that we do not perish?” The people humbled themselves and did as the king commanded. Then God listened to their words and turned away His earlier judgment from them.

This is a perfect example of how God sent a prophet to prophesy against a people, and they humbled themselves, listened, and began to turn from their evil. Otherwise, they would have been overthrown. That was prophecy that could be changed, as its outcome depended upon the response of the people, and all because of the great mercy of God. It is that same mercy that God is now extending to the world for those who will listen to Him.

An Opportunity to Listen

It would be wise if the people of Germany took special note of this story because a large portion of them are the direct descendants of ancient Nineveh. IF they will listen to God, then they can once again (as in Nineveh) seek His mercy, and He will listen. For it is just as God asks, “Why will you be destroyed?”

That which will now be stated is directed to Germany and the other nine nations that join together from out of the overall European Union to form a final military alliance of a kind of “United States of Europe.” God is giving each of you the opportunity to listen to Him. You will know the time has come for you to decide whether or not you will start listening to God once the ten of you are united. How else could that exact number for you have been known by God’s Church for over 66 years if God wasn’t the one who gave it? This knowledge and understanding of the ten nations uniting was first recorded by the prophet Daniel who wrote it several hundred years before Christ.

God also gave John more to add to that prophecy in the Book of Revelation. In addition, for over 60 years now, God’s Church has been telling the world that Germany would be the primary head of these ten nations who would unite politically, economically, and militarily. This will be completely fulfilled in the final months that lead up to the appearance of Christ’s coming. Each of you ten nations has a great weight upon your head to use your final power to best serve your people and the true welfare of this world. Whether or not you will finally begin listening to God and to what extent, will be the determining factor as to whether many hundreds of millions of lives can be saved in this world or if your own nations will come close to being completely destroyed.

In addition to God’s Church knowing for so long that ten nations would finally unite out of the entire European Union, how could anyone know that when the manifestation of Christ’s coming takes place above the atmosphere of the earth that the Catholic church would proclaim it to be antichrist, instead of Jesus Christ, unless God has revealed it?

The Fifth Trumpet of Revelation is all about the moment the ten nations unite, but the scale of destruction that follows and comes upon them will largely be the result of their own choices. Once the Seven Last Plagues begin to be poured out, after Christ’s coming begins to appear in a physical manifestation above the earth, if you still have NOT chosen to listen to God, then as His prophet, I have to tell you that the Seven Last Plagues will begin to destroy you. Then, if you continue to refuse to listen, those plagues will also continue, and they will cause your nation far greater human suffering and destruction than what would have happened to Nineveh.

Outline of End-Time Events

If people can begin to grasp that God can fulfill His prophetic word in any manner He chooses, then they will begin to better understand what is going to be covered next. It has been stated in simple terms that God has given basic structure to major prophecies concerning the end-time, but how the details can be filled-in leaves much room for many changes.

Some examples have been given of things that are set and of others that can be changed or already have been changed. The Book of Revelation gives a very ordered outline for the basic structure of end-time prophetic events. Here is that outline:


  • 6th Seal opened, 7 Thunders follow
  • 7th Seal opened, 7 Trumpets follow
    • At the 7th Trumpet, 7 Last Plagues begin

This is actually a detailed structure that cannot change, as it is set. Yet there are many details within this that can change because they are highly dependent upon matters of timing and the response of mankind to them.

First in this outline are Seven Seals. Jesus Christ was revealed as the one who would open each seal, and over the past several years he has opened every one of them. These have gone unrecognized by the world, and even unrecognized by the Church that became scattered after the Apostasy. The reason for this is because the scattered Church believes that the first four seals are about great tribulation that will come upon the world. Instead, these seals have been about great tribulation that came upon God’s Church once the Apostasy began. The world does not know God’s Church, and the Church that was scattered has not accepted the organization through which God has reestablished it. As a point in timing, the last seal, the Seventh Seal, was opened on the 14th of November in 2008.

The Sixth Seal was opened seven years earlier on the 11th of September 2001. The event of 9/11 in New York City was the first sounding of the First Thunder of which there are seven in total. These thunders can sound anywhere and at any time. They can sound individually or together with other thunders. Although the first of these thunders began to first sound on 9/11, the main fulfillment of the Seven Thunders (when their sound will become the loudest and occur most often) will be in the later part of the final end-time period that began on the 7th of November 2015 and ends in early 2019.

The Seven Thunders are largely intertwined with the work of God’s two end-time witnesses.

Within the Seventh Seal, there are Seven Trumpets that are blown. Each trumpet reveals a very specific structure of what is to be fulfilled as the result of each trumpet sounding. Those Seven Trumpets were blown on the 14th of December 2008, but the physical tribulation they portend has not yet occurred, but it will within the final 3 ½ years leading up to Christ’s coming.

The Seventh Trumpet that sounded points to the time when God will begin to pour out the Seven Last Plagues. These will now occur within the final fifty days that precede Jesus Christ and the 144,000 becoming fully established on earth in their rule over it.

It has already been explained how the administration of the Seven Last Plagues has already been altered due to a change God made for the time of Christ’s return. Those plagues will now be administered within that final 50 days instead of being poured out in a single day.

Indeed, there are changes to many of the details within the overall structure of the trumpets, thunders, and plagues that are yet to be made manifest and physically fulfilled.

Demise of the U.S. in the First Four Trumpets

The first four trumpets of the Seventh Seal are about the demise of the United States of America. She has been the greatest of nations in the end-time, and these four trumpet blasts are structured to end her world dominance, influence, and power. She is the first of all nations to begin to be humbled by God because she has been given the most by Him and has been given the greatest opportunity to listen, but has not. This humbling process that will be poured out upon the United States will be very strong against her.

Several nations of Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will also receive a certain impact from these first four trumpets and will also suffer mightily; however, the extent of their suffering fully depends upon how each country will listen and begin responding to God once the impact from the First Trumpet becomes realized. If they do not listen as the force of each trumpet begins to be unleashed, then they will multiply their own suffering.

Since the time the other two books were written, some of how these four trumpet blasts will be fulfilled has now changed as well. Before, when the timing for the fulfillment of end-time events was to be accomplished before Pentecost of 2012, the destruction was more fully set. That is because the kind of destruction that had been prophesied to happen against these nations was a set judgment for that specific period, and it was going to be swift and absolute.

Those English speaking nations, along with some of those of Western Europe, had much destruction judged against them, much like the U.S., because they chose not to listen to God’s warnings that He had given to them through His previous apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. These nations, as well as the U.S., have had far greater opportunity to listen to God than any of the other nations of the world. Judgment from the first four trumpets was therefore directed toward them, but to a lesser degree than upon the U.S. Although these nations still have a judgment set against them that will be realized by these four trumpet blasts still being directed toward them, that impact can now be reduced greatly, and tens of millions can now be saved. God is now revealing that if these nations will begin to listen and turn from their stubborn pride, and repent of their evil, He will begin to listen. If they will do this, they will not have to experience the same level of destruction as what the United States is going to experience. These nations will now be given the opportunity to change their course depending upon whether and when they choose to begin listening and turning to God. The level of destruction and tribulation that comes upon them from these first four trumpets is in their own hands as a result of their own choices.

The destruction that comes upon the United States has not changed and it is still going to be struck a very severe blow, as her pride has only gotten worse, much worse, since 2008. If she does not begin to listen early on, she will suffer much more than what would have been the case before 2012. The first four trumpets now have the ability to cause the death of over half of its population.

Before these first four trumpets become physically fulfilled upon the United States, the Fourth Thunder will have an incredible impact upon the world when the United States economy implodes, along with a global economic crash. This event alone will create such great chaos in the U.S. that it will cripple its government. All this paves the way for great physical devastation from the first four trumpets. Even as this is being written, the Fourth Thunder is getting much louder and will soon reach its peak.

Another prophetic change that will now occur is that the greatest blow to the United States that falls within the events of these first four trumpet blasts will not be the result of terrorists as previously prophesied, but of the direct and crippling result of a military first strike against her. A nuclear EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) strike alone will so cripple communications and mobility as to prevent any meaningful response. The complete collapse of the United States as a great nation will result in great death and destruction throughout every one of its fifty states.

Due to how much worse the United States has become in the past seven years, she will now suffer far worse than she would have before in the period following 2008. The corruption within the mind of leaders and the general populace has grown so fast that NOW the destruction and death that comes upon her will be much more severe in the beginning. Her pride has mushroomed during this last seven years, and her refusal to listen to God has become more fully set against Him. Yet after this massive destruction does begin, she can always change and begin to listen and thereby suffer far less from the effects of the trumpet blasts that follow.

God has now placed the main hope of the United States squarely in the hands of His two witnesses who alone are given the power to help deliver them. The extent of destruction that each of the trumpet blasts and thunders can inflict upon her depends solely on the extent that she will humble herself and listen to God’s two witnesses. If she will not listen, she will not only suffer from great destruction inflicted by a powerful military strike against her, but catastrophic events from natural disasters and plagues can have just as massive an impact. These actually have the ability to become far more destructive than the weapons that will be used against her. It all depends on her response toward God and those whom He has sent to them. The fate of the people of the United States rests fully in their own hands and whether they can be humbled quickly or not.

The United States of America is the first country to be impacted on such a massive scale of destruction by end-time events. That is because she is the one nation in all the world that has received from God the greatest wealth and power of any single nation on earth through all time, and yet the one that has resisted God the most. She has not listened to God when, above all other nations, she has had the greatest opportunity to have done so over the past 70 years.

The United States government and its people would not acknowledge Herbert W. Armstrong as God’s apostle nor would they listen to his warnings, but instead tried to take control of and destroy the Church in the late 1970s—the Church over which Mr. Armstrong was God’s apostle. She also tried to destroy God’s Church again in 2012. God has not taken this direct affront to Him lightly.

However, at any time, the United States and/or her people can begin to humble themselves and begin to listen, if they so choose. They have been given great opportunity to do so, above all other nations. Most certainly, God will humble the United States. If she will not begin to humble herself after the great economic implosion that results from the Fourth Thunder, she will experience the full brunt of the First Trumpet blast. If she will not repent and still will not listen, she will experience the full brunt of the Second Trumpet, etcetera. She will additionally begin to experience the power of plagues and devastating thunders that will escalate against her until she begins to listen. This process will largely be determined by God’s two witnesses.

The more the United States holds to her pride, the more she will suffer until she is humbled. This is a matter of God’s judgment and what He has determined concerning how the U.S. should be humbled. This is in similar fashion to God humbling Pharaoh in the time of Moses. God humbled Egypt in order to deliver Israel out from her, but it was at great cost to Egypt and to all her people due to their pride. Most every bit of Egypt’s agriculture was totally destroyed, most of its livestock became destroyed, and finally, even all the firstborn of Egypt died, and lastly, Pharaoh and his military were destroyed in the Red Sea. Pride is a great evil, and it is a stubborn foe to sound reason.

The Fifth Trumpet

The United States has become so much more corrupt in spirit within the past seven years that there may now be more likelihood that the ten nations of the final revival of Europe begin listening and changing before the people of the United States do so. Although the Fifth Trumpet pictures the time Satan and the demonic realm have power to deceive and bring this final formation of these ten nations together, there is now more potential for them that they can break away from that evil influence once they begin listening to God.

It is good to understand what Daniel was given to record about these ten nations that form during the fulfillment of the Fifth Trumpet. Daniel describes them as being like iron that is mingled with clay. They have nuclear weapons they can seize, take control of and use. However, they are loosely united in will and purpose in the use of such power, as their formation is not for the purpose of seeking to conquer others as the previous revivals of Europe before them had set out to do. Their motivation is more of self-preservation and their actions are out of a necessity in order to stand against a Russian/Chinese axis that has already begun to engage in war. War will have already begun by the time the next trumpet begins to be fulfilled, as it will lead into an all-out nuclear war. That is what this Sixth Trumpet fulfills—an all-out nuclear war that begins just before the coming of Christ.

The prophetic structure that is pictured by the Fifth Trumpet where these final ten nations are brought together in a final great military revival of Europe is one that is set. However, the details that are yet to be accomplished by them in the complete fulfillment of this trumpet blast is now in complete flux and can change drastically from one extreme to another. This is within their own power as the result of the kind of choices they make. That will in itself determine the extent of destruction they will experience. They have the ability to begin listening to God and using their power wisely or they can begin to use that power for evil objectives as Satan tries to influence them to do. Although they initially do not become united with an evil objective, that will change if they do not begin listening to God.

Although Satan is behind the formation of these ten nations coming together, things may very well not go the way Satan intends. These nations are prophesied to remain together as iron and clay for a short span of time that is described as a prophetic hour. Again, the details of this Fifth Trumpet are in great flux, and there is great potential that these events will now not go the way of that great adversary, the Devil. These events can turn against what he desires just as events have already turned against him in what was fulfilled concerning the Church during the sixth prophetic period of 1,260 days that is known as the period for the measuring of the temple, the Church. Although Satan attempted to destroy the Church, it instead became much stronger, and he became much weaker.

God has not yet revealed the specific meaning of the actual length for this prophetic “one-hour” period that is to occur before the Sixth Trumpet begins to be fulfilled. However, there is a precedent that was set concerning an end-time period known as “30 minutes of silence” which lasted 30 days. If this does prove to be the case, then these events will occur during a period of 60 days, and they will become fulfilled a short while before Christ begins his return.

The main catalyst that brings this final ten nation European revival together will not be known until it actually happens. When it does happen, these nations will agree to combine their powers, combining all their own military ability and might, while also seizing and taking control of a strong nuclear arsenal within its grasp.

The Sixth Trumpet

This trumpet is explicit and is set concerning the kind of destruction that will result from a final confrontation and escalation in WWIII in which one-third of mankind will be destroyed (2.3 billion people). A war that has already begun will escalate to become a far greater confrontation between a United Europe and a Chinese/Russian axis.

The massive destruction from this confrontation will be in addition to the death of multiple millions that will have already occurred. The Sixth Trumpet simply describes a period when this Chinese/Russian axis of power strikes out far more aggressively against the world than it previously had to this point in time.

China will continue its escalation of war around the world and will begin to focus on Europe itself. The degree to which Russia will participate and “how” they will do so is now a factor that can also change, even right up to the time of this final confrontation that begins to occur not long before Christ appears in the atmosphere above the earth. Even if Russia will not listen, it will have to decide how it will ultimately deal with China and vice versa. They may side with each other for a time, but they do not trust one another, and rightly so.

Why 2012 Was Changed

This brings us back to some of those things discussed at the beginning of this chapter concerning how God first revealed that the Pentecost of 2012 was the time for Christ’s return. That, however, was changed to another date exactly 7 years later to the Pentecost of 2019. Why did this change? What happened?

To come to understand this and everything else that is happening and changing for this seventh and final prophetic end-time period, it is necessary to once again take a look at history. God executed judgment upon the world in the days of Noah because mankind had become so deeply corrupted. Many had so damaged the minds they had been given that they had come to a point where the ability to reverse that corrupting process within the mind had already been surpassed.

Once individuals have been given the ability to see their human nature by God revealing it to them, His desire is to then give them the opportunity to change that selfish nature if they will choose to do so. If a person becomes set in the corruption of their mind, then there is no means whatsoever by which to ever help them or to reverse that course they have chosen and their existence will simply come to an end— forever.

After the flood, God changed the lifespan of mankind. Before that flood, the lifespan for mankind was hundreds of years. By living so very long in a solely selfish existence, very deep levels of corruption in the human mind were produced and evil flourished. If the mind becomes so corrupted that it becomes set in evil, then it will not be able to have that process reversed in order to transform that mind into a different way of thinking to one that is opposite of selfish motivation and pride. In contrast to this, by mankind having a much shorter lifespan, the mind of many will never reach the point of becoming set in corruption and evil. Yet some people continuously pursue evil as a choice in how they want to live their life so that their mind becoming set in corruption is inevitable anyway.

God allotted 6,000 years for mankind to rule himself so that a powerful testimony would be established that proves what mankind’s selfish nature will always produce. God is now going to establish a testimony (witness) of what mankind can accomplish within only 1,000 years when it is ruled by His government and when all people can know what is true and are able to finally learn and live His ways of life. Yet even then, some will not choose God’s ways.

In the days of Noah, man’s spirit had become so evil that God simply worked with the last man with whom He could who would listen to Him. So God called Noah in order to repopulate the earth through him and his immediate family. Now, mankind is once again on the brink of that same level of irreversible corruption, and although that corruption and practice of evil is outwardly just as great right now, and some of it much worse, the mind of mankind has not yet become as fully set in that evil as so many during Noah’s day.

In Noah’s time, since people lived for several hundred years, they became professional in the practice of selfishness and evil and after living for such a long period of time as they did, their minds became set in that corruption. Today, mankind’s lifespan is much shorter and the damage to the mind, although it is rapidly moving toward that same depth of corruption, has not become as deeply set within the human mind as in Noah’s day.

Although the lifespan of mankind is now near one tenth of what it was at that time, the rate of acceleration toward deep corruption within the human mind is occurring at an exceedingly faster rate than in the days of Noah. The reason for such a rapid rate of deterioration is due to modern technology. For nearly 5,800 years, mankind was not given the ability to pursue the kind of scientific advancement that it has been experiencing over the past two hundred years.

God gave scientific advancement to mankind. It is not something that mankind came to discover on his own through his own abilities. Instead, God began to give mankind knowledge of such things within a very controlled timeframe toward the end of this age. If it had been given too soon, mankind would have destroyed itself far too early and it would not have reached the allotted period of 6,000 years God established for its own self-rule.

So it is God who gave mankind the ability to advance in modern technology. Mankind did not do this on his own, as he would like to believe. God knew the state mankind would come to once they were given the kind of technology we now have. Technology has been the pathway to deep corruption of the human mind at an accelerated rate to levels not seen since the days of Noah.

It is only through God allowing mankind to experience technology that it can come to more fully see itself as it really is. As time moved forward in the development of technology and how mankind misused it, so the corruption of the mind accelerated further. The greater the technology, the greater the corruption has become, and the faster mankind has been moving toward annihilating itself. 

As scientific advancement has progressed and rapidly moved forward in the growth of technology, mankind has only grown to misuse it more and more. It has now come to a time that mankind has simply lost control of its use. People have become more enslaved to their own desires than ever before. The misuse of the Internet, social media, cell phones, video games, chemistry (drugs), advertising, entertainment, and so much more has simply placed mankind into greater bondage and depravity than ever before. The speed at which the human mind is corrupting itself is staggering.

The level of corruption in the human mind that took hundreds of years to develop in the time of Noah has now been sped up in a horrifying manner through the misuse of technology.

To make a long story short, by the time 2008 rolled around, the world had become so corrupted that God’s judgment for mankind had already been made and was ready to be executed upon it. The earth was going to be cleansed through great physical tribulation that would lead up to the Pentecost of 2012 for Christ’s coming, as God would then intervene to stop mankind from annihilating itself.

Several years before 2008 God placed everything in motion that would bring about the end of this age. Mankind was already so corrupted that most of the earth was going to be destroyed. God is letting the world know that this would have been His fair and righteous judgment to have so cleansed the earth at that time.

This process would have included mankind being allowed to begin its own annihilation while the additional execution of God’s judgment was also going to be experienced, which would have resulted in massive destruction that could have easily ended in the death of well over 6.5 billion people. It still can, but now God is giving great potential for mankind to first be humbled so that it might begin to listen and thereby be saved alive.

The Factor in Determining Christ’s Return: The Church

There is one factor in the midst of all this that would determine which date God would send His Son to rule in His Kingdom. That factor was the Church—His Church.

Before 2008, the world had already been judged that it was worthy of such massive cleansing, and it would have received an even more condemning judgment up to 2012 through an ongoing final witness. At that time, just before 2008, everything was moving rapidly toward a worldwide economic collapse, WWIII, and major catastrophic end-time events. Even some thunders were becoming more pronounced and destructive in the time leading up to 2008. Although the world had already been judged as to what would happen at that time, the variable concerning what condition God’s remnant Church would be in by this time was unknown. That variable would determine whether God would proceed with great physical tribulation then or whether it could be withheld for seven more years.

As it has been stated, the first five seals of Revelation were about God’s own Church at the end-time. It was prophesied that it would experience massive devastation on a spiritual plane as it went through great spiritual tribulation. During this period of time, God was going to humble and bring a remnant of His Church through the end-time. That not only included bringing a remnant through the great spiritual tribulation that came upon the Church beginning on the 17th of December in 1994, but also bringing it through the great physical tribulation that would occur just before Christ’s actual coming.

In all the end-time events that would lead up to Christ’s return, God’s first and greatest desire was to send His Son to reign on the earth beginning in 2019. This was largely so that He would be able to extend great mercy upon the Church that had become scattered and to offer deliverance to the majority of them so that they might have opportunity to live on into the Millennium. In addition, God also desired to extend mercy and give greater potential for many millions more in the world to become humbled so that they could also be saved to live on into that same millennial period.

However, the great variable allowing for any change in all of this rested upon God’s own remnant Church and the spiritual condition and shape it would be in by mid-2008. That would be the time when God would make His final judgment as to when Christ should return.

All that is being addressed at this point is only being done as a basic overview. All that was involved in God determining His final judgment for when Christ should return is far from being just a simple matter to explain. It involves factors of God’s judgment, planning, the execution of that planning, and the spiritual development, growth, and the state His Church would be in by mid-2008.

The highly complex process in the ability to coordinate nations, economies, technology, along with the growth and development of God’s people, and so very much more that could be mentioned here, is candidly beyond human comprehension. Yet all this is something that God is doing as He prepares to end mankind’s self-rule and establish His Kingdom on earth. Human ingenuity, design, planning, and coordination in massive building projects cannot truly be compared to this; however, that is the only kind of physical example that I can give as a comparison whereby some might begin to better grasp the enormity of what is being said here. A comparison between man’s ability to plan and build and that of God’s, would be like comparing a child using a few blocks of wood to make what they conceive as a building, to that of the most prestigious and well-constructed building that mankind has ever built. Yet even in this, there is really no way to compare the two.

God’s final judgment as to when His Son should return rested upon a great unknown. It was a question as to the exact state the Church would be in by mid-2008. That is when such a judgment would have to be made one way or the other. The condition of the Church could not be guaranteed, and therefore, such a judgment could not be made until this was clearly established.

The exact state of the Church could not be foreknown due to all the suffering it would experience after the Apostasy and all the spiritual tribulation that would follow. The necessary strength the Church would need to have and where people would be spiritually by mid-2008 would determine how things could proceed forward in the fulfillment of end-time prophetic events. The true condition of the Church would be the final deciding factor for when God would send His Son to reign on earth. This would reveal whether things were to proceed to a conclusion by Pentecost of 2012 or whether seven more years could be granted to mankind and to the Church that had been scattered.

After the Apostasy in the Church, God began to prepare and work with a remnant from the scattering that followed that destructive event. This remnant Church would continue up to the coming of Jesus Christ, and God had predetermined that His Son could return on either Pentecost of 2012 or Pentecost of 2019. God’s primary desire and plan from the time of that Apostasy was to send His Son to return on the Pentecost of 2019. Even though it was God’s desire that His Son return on the Pentecost of 2019, it would remain unknown whether the Church would reach a level of spiritual strength necessary to accomplish a greater purpose by this addition of seven more difficult and very trying years.

Although it was known that the Church would survive and continue all the way up to the coming of Christ, it could not be known what spiritual level of strength it would be at by mid-2008. This was the point in time that was necessary to make a final judgment as to when Christ should return. By mid-2008, the Church was highly focused on the return date of 2012, and everything in their lives had been geared to that moment in time. Since the Church’s spiritual state hadn’t been judged before this and the date for Christ’s return was still unknown, God had been preparing His Church for the return of His Son to be on the Pentecost of 2012.

However, if God were to move the return of Christ forward by seven years beyond this, and accomplish what would need to become fulfilled on a spiritual plane in the Church through that period, it would require a very strong spiritual level of faith, trust, and conviction on the part of the Church. This is because the addition of seven more years would bring a very heightened level of persecution, trial, and hardship upon God’s people. For the Church to endure and accomplish all of this it would require it to be at a very specific level of spiritual growth and development by mid-2008.

God had judged and established a first date of 2012 for Christ’s coming, and He would make certain that the Church would survive spiritually to that point in time. For the Church to be able to experience what it would have to endure beyond that time, its spiritual state could not be judged until mid-2008. That date would be the optimum time whereby such a judgment could be made as to whether the Church could accomplish what would be required of it in order to fulfill a much greater work that would lead up to the Pentecost of 2019.

To make this judgment, there were specific things that God would do to reveal the Church’s true spiritual state at that point in time in order to know whether it had the kind of growth, maturity, and spiritual strength necessary to warrant another seven years.

If the Church was not at that necessary level of spiritual strength and development it needed to reach by mid-2008, then God would proceed with the execution of His judgment against the world that He had already established. God was not going to put more upon His people than what they would be able to bear. In this matter, the Church came first! The world had already been judged of what it justly deserved, and so had the Church that had been scattered.

Since the Apostasy, God’s Church had gone through great upheaval and unrest. These were such turbulent times that unless one had experienced it, one cannot begin to fully appreciate it or understand the depth of what individuals in the Church had gone through and were continuing to go through. That which the Church was experiencing was on a spiritual plane of great spiritual tribulation. It is something that can only be grasped fully by actual experience. God has declared that no one in His Church has ever experienced anything of such magnitude before and that no one will ever experience anything like it again.

It is one thing to suffer on a physical plane as so many in times past have done, but to suffer on a spiritual level such as this is altogether another matter. All of God’s people in times past have suffered on a spiritual plane in spiritual tribulation, but it has not been to the extent of this or of a magnitude such as the Apostasy produced.

The Church was nearly destroyed after December 1994 when that Apostasy occurred, but God was not going to let that happen. However, He was going to allow great devastation on a level that was unprecedented. Over a full 6,000 years, this event alone will serve into the future as one of the greatest examples and teaching tools ever. This will be used as an example throughout the Millennium as a sober reminder and warning to future generations, as it contains incredibly important spiritual lessons that all must come to see and understand before entering God’s Family.

At that time in 1994, those who attended services in God’s Church numbered about 150,000 people, of which 96,000 were baptized adults. By 2008, the Church was decimated, and very few remained. After that Apostasy in December 1994, two-thirds of the Church went by the wayside, and the remaining one-third was scattered as a result. Of that one-third of the Church, most eventually settled into four larger groups (organizations), and the rest were dispersed into over 600 other groups. In the midst of all these groups was the one group that God used to raise up His remnant Church that had been prophesied long before by the prophet Ezekiel.

When the Church was scattered after the Apostasy, during the first prophetic period of 1260 days, it was protected from Satan just as God said it would be. After this period ended and into the years that followed, many of the smaller scattered groups began to fall apart and go by the wayside. The larger groups had struggles and divisions, but became settled into their own routine of continuing a “work” that they believed was a continuation of what Herbert W. Armstrong had been doing through the Worldwide Church of God. These not only “settled in,” but they drifted into a much deeper spiritual sleep, a kind of sleep from which only God can awaken them—in His time—at a time that is now fast approaching.

However, for God’s small remnant Church, the spiritual battles and attacks were growing more powerful. During most of the time that followed the start of the remnant Church on Pentecost of 1998 (exactly 1260 days after the Apostasy), the Church had been whittled down to less than 300 baptized adults who had experienced the Apostasy. Over the years, many more came along and entered into that fellowship, but many also left. The battles were far too much for most people. If all who had come along had stayed in that remnant fellowship, God’s remnant Church would have been many times larger than what it was, but that was not to happen. It was just too much for too many.

Prophetically, God has revealed that He offered over 3,000 people the potential to become part of this remnant Church. There is a great lesson in this because although a much larger group would be offered this opportunity, it didn’t mean that all would choose to accept it, and they didn’t.

This history has been needful in order to help a person come to understand why the spiritual state of the Church could not be fully known by mid-2008. The Church would have to be of a necessary spiritual strength and faith that God alone could “measure” by that time. That would determine whether the Church could be moved forward to the degree necessary in order to accomplish a far greater purpose in extending great mercy and life, both within the world and the Church that had been scattered.

God knew the kind of devastation that would come upon His Church once He allowed the Apostasy to occur. God knew the kind of spiritual warfare and destruction that would follow and that there would be very large casualties along the way. However, even in that which concerned a very large Church that had become scattered, God’s greater plan would make it possible for most of these to be saved within another period of time—in the final 100 years beyond the Millennium.

God’s purpose and will has always been that He be able to lead a strong remnant group within the Church through the greatest spiritual tribulation it has ever known since the Church began in 31 A.D. However, God’s will first and foremost was not only to lead a remnant group well beyond mid-2008 to Pentecost 2012, but it was also to create within them a much stronger faith and higher level of spiritual strength. This would then enable them to do a far greater work within the eleven years that would follow 2008, all the way up to the Pentecost of 2019.

Above all things, it has always been God’s desire that the optimum number of lives be saved in the end-time, both in the Church that had become scattered and in the world. But such matters always come down to individual human choice, and because of that, there is no guarantee what choices people will make. When God created the angelic realm, there was no guarantee how many would choose to continue to follow Him and how many would not. Yet God knew that by creating them to have free choice and free will that the result would be that there could be many who ultimately would not choose Him and His ways. In time, one-third of the angels did reject God and His way of life.

All people have been created with the same ability of free choice and free will. The vast majority of all those whom God awakened out of a spiritual sleep within the Church that was scattered were not able to endure the spiritual tribulation that the Church has experienced ever since the Apostasy. They were simply unable to stay in the fight. Some succumbed to the human weakness of pride, desire for power and/or recognition, selfishness, sexual lust, spiritual lethargy, jealousy, and/or general weariness of battle. Everyone who experienced the Apostasy was in a state of being spiritually asleep before God awakened them, and those within the remnant who gave up the battle went right back to sleep again.

Yet there has always been a core of people who have remained more spiritually alert and on guard through this period. As a result, God has been able to work with them on a spiritual plane that has made them stronger in faith and in spiritual battle. Exactly where the Church would be overall spiritually by mid-2008 remained an unknown factor throughout the years preceding this. The growth, spiritual state, and faith of the Church was not to be measured until this specific time in order to determine what might be able to yet be created within them by moving beyond 2012.

The Determining Test for The Church

Throughout time, there are things that God has done in the lives of those whom He has called that put them to the test in order to reveal what is actually deep down inside their being—in the innermost part of their mind. These tests serve as a kind of trigger to force a person to address and act upon a decisive issue in their life at that specific moment in time. Such a test will reveal openly where a person truly stands spiritually in their relationship toward God and His Church. The actual degree of strength or weakness an individual exhibits when they are confronted with such a thing will be made manifest by their response, and it is measurable by God.

There are trials and tests that can clearly reveal the strength or weakness within the spirit of a person and of where a person truly is spiritually. These things can reveal the strength of conviction, faith, and level of commitment a person has toward God. However, these may reveal such great weaknesses that it becomes obvious that they will not be able to continue to endure further testing or trials. There is no “sitting on the fence” in a relationship with God. There is no ability to continue in a relationship with God if a person is only lukewarm in spirit, and definitely not if a person is not in agreement.

A good example of such testing is where God allowed Abraham to believe he should offer up his son, Isaac, in sacrifice. Yet it should be understood that human sacrifice is against God’s will and ways, but Abraham did not know that at this point in his life. Nevertheless, God let Abraham believe this was a requirement. Abraham was so strong in his convictions toward God and believed that God was filled with such mercy and righteousness that He would resurrect Isaac if needed in order to keep His promise concerning Isaac’s future. This story tells how God stopped Abraham from killing his own son and provided him with an animal standing nearby so that it could be offered instead. Abraham was put to the test in order to clearly reveal (manifest) what was truly in the deepest part of his being concerning his faith, conviction, and dedication to God. This event was established to help teach the world of the kind of love God has for mankind because He was willing to sacrifice His own Son to save mankind.

After this account, God said to Abraham, “Now I know you.” This revealed the true mind and spiritual creation that had been developed in Abraham to that moment in time. It revealed the level of commitment which Abraham was determined to live by in obedience and oneness toward God, regardless of the obstacles or trials that might come his way.

Similar to how God worked with Abraham in this account, God also allowed the Church to believe that the return of Christ was still going to occur in 2012, even after He had judged in mid-2008 to extend it by seven more years beyond 2012. God made this judgment in mid-2008 to move forward Christ’s return after putting the Church to a test that revealed the true spiritual state and level of actual spiritual development in its members to that moment in time. This was a test to determine the kind of choices individuals would make that would reveal their true faith toward God. It was a test that would force a response to be triggered that would reveal, one way or the other, what was deep down inside the spirit of each person.

This test was when God revealed a new truth to His Church that Christ would return to this earth on a Pentecost and not on the Holy Day of Trumpets as previously believed. Ever since I have been in the Church, it had been believed and taught by the ministry that Christ would return on a Feast of Trumpets. This would not be a small change for the Church, and it would reveal where everyone stood spiritually. Matters concerning Holy Days are very foundational doctrines, and the Church knows well that God will not change any truth concerning those days and their meaning for fulfillment. Although God had given His Church much truth concerning His Holy Days, there have been some things about those days that He never fully revealed. That was by design.

Over time, God reveals more and more truth to His people. It has been that way ever since Adam and Eve were created. Over the past 6,000 years, God has progressively revealed truth of Himself, His plan, purpose, and ways of life. As an example, in the time of Moses, God revealed much more about Himself, His purpose, and true ways of life that mankind should live. God had worked with certain individuals and families for several hundred years before, but by the time of Moses, He began to reveal much more to Israel than he had to those who had previously lived.

As time continued on, God began to reveal more through His prophets and then through the greatest Prophet of all that was sent to mankind—Jesus Christ. It was at this point nearly 4,000 years from the beginning of mankind’s existence that God began to reveal a greater amount of knowledge and understanding. Jesus Christ began to reveal the spiritual intent of God’s laws and ways of life. Even after the Church began in 31 A.D., God continued to progressively reveal much more to His Church through his apostles and the prophet John.

Over the past 80 years, there was only one other change in the Church that was of such proportion with the potential for trials as this one. It was when God had given truth to Herbert W. Armstrong that the Church should be keeping Pentecost on a Sunday and not on a Monday as the Church had been observing for nearly 40 years previous to this. So in 1974, when God led Mr. Armstrong to make this change within the Church, it was a trigger that forced people to address where they stood as a matter of “faith” in God’s Church, how deeply they believed God’s calling, and of how convicted they were of how God was working with them.

When that change was made, it truly did reveal where people stood spiritually. The response from members of the Church now allowed for each of them to be easily measured by God as to where they were in their spiritual development. There were large numbers of people, including quite a few within the ministry, who left the Church over this. Even in this, there were people who opposed this change who were on two different sides, nevertheless, it revealed where they truly were spiritually. Some would not make the change because they could not accept that God had revealed such a thing to Mr. Armstrong because they could not believe that they had been wrong all those years before this. Others left because they believed Mr. Armstrong had not made the change quick enough. This test was a trigger that caused people to respond, one way or the other, thus revealing their true beliefs and convictions.

God could have revealed this truth to the Church from the beginning, but He did not, and that was by design so that at a future time this might be used to test and refine His Church. This test worked to help cleanse the Church spiritually, and as a result, a stronger body remained as it continued to follow God’s apostle, as he was following Jesus Christ.

It was by this testing in 1974 that many were weeded out of God’s Church, yet the vast majority of the Church simply took this in stride, and were thankful for another great truth that God had revealed. They were excited by what God had given to them.

Such tests are designed as a trigger that forces a person to respond to something they have never yet been faced with in their life. At such a moment, they are forced to decide and choose what they will believe. In this case of a change being made concerning the day that Pentecost was to be observed, the announcement of this change forced people to respond to their true thinking and convictions. Each person was confronted with having to make a personal decision concerning what choice they would make in response to what they heard. This test, which resulted from this announcement of a big change in the observance of one of God’s Holy Days, worked as a kind of trigger upon the mind. It would instantly spark a reaction that would begin to manifest where each individual stood. It would reveal one’s faith and level of conviction or the lack thereof.

Oftentimes, individuals don’t even know their own true self and actual convictions until such a test comes their way that reveals it.

In this particular example, people were instantly tested as to their actual conviction and belief in God’s Church and of their own level of confidence that God was leading Herbert W. Armstrong as His apostle. It would reveal each person’s level of conviction, their belief in the doctrines of the Church, as well as their belief in the means through which God reveals truth to His people.

It was at Pentecost 2008 when God began to reveal a new truth—the 50th Truth—to His Church concerning the Holy Day when Christ would once again stand upon the Mount of Olives at his return. The response to this truth from God’s Church would be the determining factor for what year God would send His son to establish His Kingdom on earth.

There were two objectives God had for the Church if that return was to go beyond 2012. God’s purpose wasn’t that the members of the Church just simply carry on as they had over the previous 13 years, simply continuing a process for the normal transformation of the mind that was being created within each of them. The Church had already been on a very long, turbulent journey since the Apostasy, and there was no point that it should simply suffer more unless there was some far greater purpose for it.

Instead, if the Church was going to be carried forward another 11 years, up to the Pentecost of 2019, God was first going to make it a Church that would become even far, far stronger in faith and spiritual strength than it had ever been. This would entail a creative process that had never before been done on such a level within the Church.

God’s greater purpose for continuing forward was that if indeed a greater creation were to be worked within them, then they would also do a much greater work than could have been accomplished after 2008 and up to 2012, if that had been the time for Christ’s coming.

If the Church was not where it needed to be by mid-2008 in order for these additional things to be accomplished within it, then there was no point in continuing further. Instead, it would be more expedient to simply carry out the execution of prophetic end-time tribulation upon the world, a world that had already been judged worthy of tribulation.

This new truth that was to be a test on the Church was given to it on the 28th of June in 2008. It was then that this change about Christ returning on Pentecost was revealed to the entirety of the Church. This did prove to be unsettling for a very few, which included a handful within the ministry. These did not respond well and this began to reveal their true spiritual state. In time, most of these became weakened by other events and eventually went by the wayside. This was a test that triggered a true response within these individuals that then began to become manifest and proved to be a major turning point in their life as they turned away from God.

However, for some in the Church, this proved to be a great spiritual wake-up call, as they began to recognize that a lethargic spiritual condition of Laodicea was starting to creep into their lives. This motivated these individuals to repentance and greater spiritual growth.

For most who were actively growing on a continuing basis on a spiritual plane, this new truth proved inspiring, especially as they then began to see a far greater importance in it. The Church became more excited about this change as the weeks progressed, and it proved to be a strong catalyst for far greater spiritual growth.

There was more to this new truth beyond the fact that it revealed the actual Holy Day when Christ would stand on this earth once more. It also revealed a big change that was to occur in what had been seen as the actual day when Christ would return. This in itself proved to be exceedingly exciting for God’s Church.

As it was stated, before this change in understanding that Jesus Christ would return on a Pentecost, it was believed that he would return on a Feast of Trumpets, which is autumn in the northern hemisphere. Several months prior to this change given in June 2008, the Church had come to believe that Christ was going to return on the Feast of Trumpets in 2011. The reason for seeing that it had to be that specific year was because God had revealed that 2008 was the year that a final witness to the world would begin to be established, hence the title of the second book, 2008—God’s Final Witness. Since 2008 had been revealed to be the year when God would begin to establish a final end-time witness, the Church knew that witness would be accomplished within a prophetic period of 1260 days as prophesied. The only Feast of Trumpets that could be measured from any date within the year of 2008 and out to a future Feast of Trumpets had to be the Feast of Trumpets in 2011.

So with this new truth about Christ returning on a Pentecost, this also required announcing a change to a new date for the return of Christ. The only time that could be measured to a specific Pentecost from 1260 days within the year 2008, had to be the Pentecost of 2012.

Although there was a change in our understanding about a different Holy Day being the date of Christ’s coming, this now became incredibly exciting. This count of 1260 days is one that is directly related to Daniel’s prophecy for timing of end-time events that includes the count of three specific periods of time. In addition to a 1260-day count, there is also the count of 1290 days and 1335 days mentioned in Daniel 12. All of a sudden, these days began to fit into a very meaningful pattern, whereas they didn’t before in the previous count to Trumpets of 2011.

By counting back 1335 days from the Pentecost in 2012, it leads to the 30th of September of 2008, the Feast of Trumpets for that year. This was incredibly inspiring for the vast majority of the Church, as this had awesome meaning that everyone understood. The Feast of Trumpets pictures the trumpeting of the announcement of the coming of the King of kings—the coming of the Messiah. That is the primary meaning of that Holy Day, and that is why the Church previously believed that Trumpets must be the Holy Day on which Christ would return. However, with the new truth given to the Church in late June 2008, this now took on even deeper meaning. That is because it was now believed the trumpeting (announcement) of Christ’s coming would occur on Trumpets of 2008 and then 1335 days later he would begin his return to this earth at the very moment Pentecost began in 2012.

This test upon God’s Church in 2008 was actually far more important than we ever knew. It was of double importance in one sense because it was like two tests in one. Not only had truth been changed about a Holy Day, but now the timing for Christ’s return was also altered as a result, since it was now understood that he would not return on the day of Trumpets 2011, but on the day of Pentecost 2012. This was a mighty strong and telling test for God’s Church, as it would quickly and powerfully reveal the belief, conviction, and faith of every individual.

So indeed, God triggered a response that manifested the true spiritual condition of the Church, which could then be measured. It was then that God proceeded with His plan and purpose to create something far greater in His Church, to a degree and in a way that had never been done before. Since the Church passed this test with resounding success, God would now not only move forward the timing for Christ’s coming from the Pentecost of 2012 to the Pentecost of 2019, but He would begin preparing the world to now have the potential for far greater numbers to be delivered into the Millennium.

Although God changed this timing, He did not reveal to the Church that He had done so. That in itself would become the primary tool God would use whereby He would continue an even greater spiritual creation within His Church. As a result, the Church experienced a molding and spiritual fashioning of faith and strength to a level where members were made to stand fast against Satan, the demonic world, and the world itself, regardless of what these would throw at it.

At One With God

This experience of a dual test the Church had been given at the end of June in 2008 actually worked to launch the Church forward with greater conviction and focus than ever before. After another six months had passed, the Church had grown to a much stronger level of spiritual oneness with God. This was reflected in what the Church then did in early January of 2009.

Although God had revealed an important truth to His Church that the return of Christ was now going to occur on a Pentecost, He never revealed to the Church that 2012 was no longer to be the year for Christ’s coming. It would be a few more years before God would actually reveal that everything had been moved forward by seven years.

Throughout the four years that followed the time the Church was tested, all the way up to the Pentecost of 2012, the Church still believed that Christ was coming on that day. It lived that belief as a matter of unquestioning faith, similar to Abraham who had unwavering faith that God would resurrect his son if he were sacrificed. For the Church, everything they lived was geared to that day for Christ’s coming. People made important financial, future family planning, and career decisions based on this world’s system coming to an end by late May of 2012. For many, this would later prove to make their lives more difficult in the years that immediately followed, but nevertheless, they did it all in faith.

Although the Church experienced the months, weeks, and days leading up to that day with nothing happening, this experience actually became the catalyst that would pave the way for God to do a much greater spiritual creation within them in a way that could not have been accomplished through any other means. That is the very reason God did not reveal that everything had been moved forward by seven years. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t for quite a while after Pentecost 2012 that God revealed what He had done. In all those years leading to that date, the Church grew into a more responsive and unified body that had been prepared to follow God in whatever direction He would lead it and through whatever change was thrust before it.

The Church is God’s creation and now He was going to create something on a far greater plane through this entire process. The astounding purpose behind all that God was doing within those in the Church, began to be revealed in what He inspired His Church to do soon after the Seven Trumpets of Revelation sounded in mid-December of 2008. In the beginning of January, God’s Church entered into a two-day fast. This was unprecedented in the Church. It was stated that this fast was for baptized members to participate in. Yet some who were not baptized and some younger in age joined in as well, and some of those who were young did so for one day instead of two, but nevertheless, they participated.

This fast was a powerful tool to bring the Church into far greater unity and oneness with God’s very purpose in moving forward in a second date for Christ’s coming. In this fast that the Church observed, the desire, as with all fasts, was to draw closer to God through humbling oneself before Him, as one would focus more on their own need for growth, change through repentance, and transformation in mind (thinking). In this fast there were also many prayers that included a petition to God that He might deliver far more people from destruction in this end-time, both in the world and in the Church that had been scattered.

That was God’s purpose all along for the world and for the Church that had been scattered. Through this fast, the Church had been brought into greater unity and oneness with God’s purpose. Yet the Church would not fully learn about all that God had accomplished until they could read the pages of this book, and this is long after God already implemented His plans to achieve the very thing this fast was directed to accomplish—that many more might be able to be delivered into the Millennium.

God actually did reveal a portion of this to the Church before 2012 that concerned the Church that had been scattered. God revealed that far larger numbers of those who had been scattered were potentially going to be delivered, although we did not realize at that time that this was not to happen for at least seven years or more from when it was revealed. If Christ’s coming had been in 2012, only a much smaller number could have been potentially delivered into the Millennium.

There is a prophecy in Revelation that speaks of destruction that will take place in Jerusalem where a total of 70,000 people are affected. God said that 7,000 of them would perish in a great earthquake (shaking). If the date of 2012 had been fulfilled, this would have occurred within that literal physical city, as this would have then been fulfilled as a physical type for the physical city.

Since the date was changed to 2019, God then provided the means for the Church that had become scattered (a spiritual type of Jerusalem) to have the potential for 63,000 people to live into the Millennium in a continuing physical life, rather than having to wait to be resurrected in the final 100 years of a second physical life. Yet this prophecy also reveals that of the total of 70,000 who are counted among this scattered group, that 7,000 notable (marked and specifically named) people from that total will definitely die. These will include many who did not “stand” as they should have for God’s Church when they had the opportunity to preceding the Apostasy and in the few years following. Although 63,000 are offered potential to live into the Millennium, it does not mean that all will accept what God offers to them, which means they must also accept His remnant Church and His two end-time witnesses, who are His prophets and the leaders He has placed over His Church.

In this two-day fast that the Church observed in early January of 2009, the Church had considered participating in a three-day fast. The reason it did not do so is because there was a desire not to take anything away from the incredible story of Queen Esther, who had called a three-day fast for all the Jews who were in captivity, so that they might be delivered from imminent destruction. These captives humbled themselves for three days and fasted before God by not eating or drinking for that entire period of time. It is an incredible story of how God then delivered them.

One of the most powerful means that God has given for people to use in seeking His favor, mercy, help, and intervention in life is to humble oneself before Him in fasting, prayer, and repentance. It is a powerful tool.

God’s Love and Mercy

If people get nothing more than only one thing from this book, I personally hope they could begin to receive an awesome truth. It is that God is just, and a God of infinite love, and great mercy. The Psalms speak often of this fact, and I am going to quote a couple of those verses here.

“The Eternal is gracious, and full of compassion, slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Eternal is good toward all, and His tender mercies are over all His works” (Psalms 145:8-9). The creation and purpose God has for mankind is the greatest of all His work. This verse describes the true desire that God has for all people.

“For you Lord are good and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who will call upon you” (Ps. 86:5).

That verse says so much. God is always ready to forgive and show mercy, but the problem is with people who simply will not go before Him to repent so that He can forgive and grant mercy to them. Mankind is so stubborn, selfish and self-willed, just as this end-time is revealing. How long will people refuse to willingly humble themselves and repent of their ways to then begin embracing God’s true ways? Mankind’s track record over 6,000 years is not good.

“The Eternal says, ‘Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? Do I not rather that he should turn from his ways and live?’” (Ezekiel 18:23).

The last section of this chapter should help reveal the greater depth and kind of love God has for mankind. People have not known the great purpose for WHY they have been created and put on this earth in the first place. They have not known why they have life. It is because of a loving Father’s plan that has been in motion for billions of years and is only now fully coming to light.

God’s True Will for Mankind—to Become Elohim

There is so much that I would truly like to share in this book, but there is not enough space to write it all. There is much more contained in the two previous books that I do not want to repeat here either. So I am going to attempt to summarize God’s purpose and will toward mankind as concisely as possible. Yet there is so much that still needs to be told.

Some information that was given earlier in this book explains a second creation (into spirit life) that God has designed for mankind to potentially receive, and for that creation to be possible is the very reason why God first made mankind a physical creation. Let’s jump ahead a little and show what God’s will and greater purpose is for the creation of mankind in the first place. By explaining this and then focusing on the great goal that is potentially before us all, then it should make it easier to understand why God has a 7,100-year plan for the existence of physical human life on this earth.

At the very beginning of Genesis, God gives us a picture of a planet that had been created much earlier, but that was in total disarray and in a complete state of great destruction. There was no life on it whatsoever, and the rays of the sun could not even reach its surface. This chaotic and lifeless condition was because of what Satan and a third of the angels had done to it.

In the beginning story in the first two chapters of Genesis a word simply translated into English as “God” is used. This word is used repeatedly as it describes this God making the earth habitable for life once again. Then that same God creates the first two human beings. After creating the first man and woman on the sixth day, God then rested on the seventh day.

That word simply translated as “God” is the Hebrew word “Elohim.” This phase of a re-creation on earth reveals Elohim refashioning the earth to make it habitable once again and then creating life on it.

However, in some other areas of scripture in the Old Testament, God is sometimes described by the simplest and most basic Hebrew word for God, which is simply “El.” But most often, the Hebrew word “Yahweh” is used which carries the meaning of the “Eternal One,” or even more accurately, the “Eternal Self-Existing One.” Yet God’s most complete name is very often recorded throughout the Old Testament as “Yahweh Elohim.”

God inspired this very basic word “Elohim” to be used by itself in the first couple chapters of Genesis concerning Himself and what He was creating, but it also is being used in a prophetic manner to reveal so much more.

When it describes this momentous occasion of making the earth habitable for life and the creation of actual life upon the earth once again, the use of the word “Elohim” can give the sense that more than one is involved in doing this creation. Since translators did not grasp what God was doing or why, they simply translated things in a way that reflects normal human reasoning. They translated this in such a manner that it can seem as though a conversation is taking place by more than one being described as Elohim or that some kind of relationship exists between more than one being. God used this word in these two chapters to reveal a very great purpose for His creation of mankind, and He does so in a prophetic manner.

God did not begin by identifying Himself as El or as Yahweh. Instead, God starts from the beginning—at the start of Genesis—to reveal His great purpose prophetically for the creation of mankind.

As stated before, Elohim is often used when God identifies Himself in His full name of Yahweh Elohim. Yahweh can best be translated as the single word “Eternal,” yet it is much more. It actually reveals the One Eternal Self-Existing God. That actually better describes the full meaning for the word Yahweh.

Elohim, however, is very unique. It is a uniplural word for a “family” name and carries the uniplural meaning of family. It is much like the last name of most people that reflects a specific “family” lineage—as a family name. Actually, that is exactly what this word Elohim is. It identifies a “family,” but here, it is the “God Family.” Elohim is the word that describes “God’s Family” name with its origin being El—God as the head and one through which that Family has existence. That is why mankind was created. God reveals Himself as Yahweh Elohim—Yahweh who is the beginning of the God Family.

In the book of Hebrews, Paul quotes Psalm 8 written by David. It is a quote of David where he comments on looking out into the heavens and considers the vastness of stars that can be seen. He then poses the question to God, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” Paul goes on to explain that God was giving that answer to David in that prophetic psalm.

These verses in Hebrews 2 explain that God did not place the world (age) to come under the subjection of angels (not under their rule). It continues on to explain how God made humans a little lower than the angels, and yet His purpose was to crown them (mankind) with glory and honor above the angelic realm. Unlike the purpose for the creation of angels, it states that God did set mankind to be over the works of His hands and that “all things” will be put in subjection under his feet and that nothing is left that will not be put under him. This means that God’s purpose, in time, is to put all things He has created under the rule of mankind, but that is in a context of what mankind can become—part of Elohim.

As Paul reveals what God gave to David to record in Psalm 8, he continues with the same kind of language explaining that we do not yet see that fulfilled, except in Jesus Christ who has already been crowned with glory and honor, and that all things have been put in subjection under his feet, and that nothing is left that is not put under him (under his rule). The point being made is that for all who enter into the God Family, as Jesus Christ did once he was raised from physical to spirit life, they too will inherit what has been given to Christ. All who become part of the same God Family will share in having all things put in subjection under them, as they too become crowned with glory and honor. So to this moment in time, when Paul wrote the book of Hebrews, only one had entered into that Family with God the Father, and that was Jesus Christ Elohim.

Angels are created spirit beings. However, those who can enter into Elohim are first described as those of mankind who can become begotten of God’s holy spirit who must then grow spiritually in embryo, and then later, become born as spirit beings into God’s Family. God’s spirit Family consists of those who are born into that Family in what can best be described as a spirit birth and not through that of a spirit creation like the angels. That is why scripture speaks of how mankind must come to a point of baptism to receive the impregnation—the begettal—of God’s holy spirit in them. It involves a spirit creation, but not one that is instantaneous in composition as when the angels were created instantly of spirit composition.

It has already been partially explained why God first made us physical so that once His holy spirit begins to work in the spirit essence that exists in the human mind (once begotten of God’s spirit) then a complete spirit transformation can begin. In this manner, begettal and then later birth on a spirit plane, better explains the creative process mankind must experience before being born into—resurrected into—everlasting spirit life IN Elohim—the God Family. Our potential is not to become God as our Father is Almighty God, but we are to become gods in a God Family. It was due to Christ revealing some of this to the Jews that they wanted to kill him for saying such things.

Satan rebelled when he learned of what God had planned to accomplish through the creation of mankind. That is why Satan has mocked God’s Family with stories and beliefs he has inspired that involve god families in religion and mythology. There is much more to learn about all this, but this has been a quick summary.

God’s love for His creation of mankind is far beyond what we are capable of grasping without His help to do so. If one can try to imagine the very best kind of love that a parent can have toward their unborn child, and the hope they hold for that child’s future, then please know, God’s love and hope for mankind is so very, very far beyond such capacity of humans in His Almighty desire and love toward all of us.

God’s will has always been that every human have the opportunity to be born into His Family—the God Family, but such cannot be for every person because mankind is a free moral agent with free will, and therefore, with free choice. Just as with Satan and a third of the angels, there will be millions and likely billions who simply will not choose God and His Family. Like Satan, these individuals will want their own ways and will refuse God’s ways.

God has no pleasure in the suffering of selfish human beings, but there is no other way that Elohim can be created except in the exact way that God is doing it through mankind first living a physical life. Human life is not easy and it was not meant to be easy. Mankind had to be created as physical beings that would develop selfish human nature, as it was explained earlier.

A Second Physical Life

God has awesome purpose in giving most who have ever lived and died the opportunity for a second physical human life. It was not God’s purpose that large numbers of people over the past 6,000 years should be called into a spiritual relationship with Him in His Church in their first lifetime. The reason for that is because if vast numbers had been called during the period of mankind’s self-rule on earth, there would have been massive loss in potential spirit life. In other words, it would have been like massive abortions or miscarriages that would never be able to come to full term.

God has “called” many more than those who were eventually “chosen” throughout the past 6,000 years. Throughout that long period, only a few (144,000) have actually been “chosen” to become those who will be resurrected first—born into His Family at Christ’s coming. Some of this process of how “many have been called, but few chosen,” and the reasons why this process has worked as it has, would take a few more chapters to adequately explain. Suffice it to say, however, God does not want to lose anyone, and being “called” while in the kind of world that has existed for the past 6,000 years has been exceedingly difficult for those individuals. The very best means whereby the maximum number of people have the opportunity to become part of His Family, is being accomplished through the exact way God has been doing it.

God called many and then chose a specific number (144,000) throughout that long period of time in order to mold, try, refine, and prepare them to serve in His government under Christ in the Millennium when all rule will be placed under their feet. Since they were called and worked with in an evil age, the age of mankind’s self-rule, they went through great spiritual tribulation, hardship, and persecution in order to become part of that future government. There has been great sacrifice to prepare that Family so that the potential to save billions could be highly enhanced and made far easier for those who live during the Millennium, and for those who are resurrected afterward into a second physical life. People who live in either of those two later periods of time will be blessed to live under a righteous, just, and prosperous rule of the God Family over them.

But what is this second life and what does it mean?

There are multiple billions who have lived over the past 6,000 years in a world governed by mankind. It has not been a good age to live through, as mankind has not chosen to live by God’s ways, which alone can produce peace, abundance, blessings, and true fullness of life. Mankind has lived just the opposite, in a world of selfishness, war, oppression, injustice, immorality, and evil.

The simplest way to explain the purpose of a second physical life is to simply say that God is providing mankind with the best possible means to judge life by making a choice between mankind’s ways and God’s ways. They will be able to compare their first experience in life and their second physical life.

Mankind’s first physical life is one that has experienced the fruit of great selfishness and pride within self and others. It is the only way that anyone has ever lived life, except those few through time who were called of God to experience and live a different life—God’s way of life that is just the opposite of mankind’s.

Satan’s way is one of pride and selfishness, so God created man to first experience what it is like to live such a life while in a temporary physical existence. Then when God gives a second life in a vastly superior world that is ruled by His ways and His government, the potential for people to then choose His way is vastly greater and much easier. It is in this manner that the greatest number of people will have the greatest potential to choose and become part of God’s Family and be able to be given age-lasting spirit life in that Family.

Most all who are going to be given opportunity for a second physical life have already experienced mankind’s selfish world in their first physical lifetime. Most will have seen and personally lived the way of pride and selfishness, except for those who were very young when they died. In a second opportunity of physical life, those who are resurrected will be able to more perfectly judge between that selfish, pride-filled, and evil way of life that mankind lived in the first 6,000 years in contrast to the way that God has given for them to live in a new and highly superior world. Most of mankind resurrected to that second physical life will have experienced the kind of life that Satan chose—the way of pride, sin, selfishness, ego, lying, cheating, immorality, etcetera.

Before the time when these billions are resurrected to a second physical life, people in the Millennium will have a very clear and truthful history of what 6,000 years of mankind’s ways produced. They will far more easily be able to learn from that past while they are living under a perfect, just, and righteous government leading them. They will not be confronted with any confusion within the world like there is today, especially from the confusion of religion. Instead, there will be one true Church throughout all the earth and one righteous government that rules and nurtures them.

Finally, after 6,000 years, mankind will be shown God’s ways and then be better equipped to make a sound choice for God’s ways rather than that of their own ways as mankind has chosen throughout the past. By the end of the Millennium—the end of the 1,000 year reign of the God Family—billions will have lived and died and will have had the potential to choose God’s way. The billions who do choose God and live faithfully toward Him will be able to enter into God’s Family at the end of the Millennium, just as the 144,000 entered that Family a thousand years earlier.

But there are billions who lived before the Millennium. This now brings us to addressing the question about their fate and the reason God purposed and planned for a second physical life to be given to most all of mankind that lived and then died in the first 6,000 years of human existence.

Scriptures covered earlier not only reveal the 144,000 who are resurrected in the first resurrection to spirit life, but they also reveal a second physical life God will give to most of mankind who lived out their lives at some span of time within that first 6,000 years.

In reviewing some of those verses that spoke of the 144,000, it stated, “...and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished” (Revelation 20:4-5). It doesn’t say anyone is alive or that they went to heaven.

Most of those among the 144,000 lived and died at some period during that first 6,000 years of mankind. The exception to this is for a very small handful of people who will actually be alive when Christ returns, as they are part of the Church at the end-time and are still living. These few who will also be resurrected at that time are not part of the dead spoken of here, but are indeed part of the 144,000. God simply explains for these few who are alive at that time that they will simply be changed from mortal to spirit life in an instant, “in the twinkling of an eye,” as Paul describes it. They simply will not experience death.

However, in these verses just quoted, it also speaks of “others” besides most of the 144,000 who lived and died throughout that 6,000 year period of time: “...the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished.”

These verses in Revelation are describing two main groups among all mankind that have lived and died at some span of time within that first 6,000 years of mankind’s existence on earth. The first much smaller group that is being spoken of is that of the 144,000 who are described as being resurrected first to spirit life into Elohim at Christ’s coming.

Yet there is also a vastly larger group being described: “But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished.” This is revealing that a large group of multiple billions are to be resurrected after the Millennium. However, since they have not yet had opportunity to be begotten of God’s holy spirit, they will be resurrected to physical life again so that they can then have the opportunity to make such a choice in their second physical life if they so choose.

The last of God’s Holy Days is called the Last Great Day. It pictures this 100-year period of time that all will be given in a second physical life. A baby who died right after birth will be resurrected as a whole and healthy baby, and there will be plenty who are related to that child, and even likely, one or both parents who will be able to raise that child in a new world.

This period is described as a time when people will be protected from death so that they can live out a full and healthy hundred years of life. Scripture speaks of special protection that will exist at that time for children. It states that nothing can harm them as opposed to today’s world. They are described as being able to play in the hole of a viperous snake and it will not harm them.

God will provide a full hundred years for every person so that they will have that entire length of time to live and experience this new world that has been established after 1,000 years of change has occurred on earth. In this timeframe, all will then have free opportunity to choose God’s way or not.

Even the animal kingdom is described as no longer being wild and dangerous to mankind. God will actually change their nature and some of their physical makeup. It even describes a lion eating hay. Descriptions of that new world, although not yet fully understood, can be found to show what God reveals in scripture as a lion, a lamb, and a small child leading them.

People who had deformities, debilitating injuries, missing limbs, disease, mental illness, or were blind and/or deaf, or had other kinds of physical weakness in their first life will be resurrected as whole and healthy. A person who lives to be one hundred will now be far healthier when resurrected than they were when young, and they will be able to live another hundred years in excellent health and strength.

Then, at the end of this 100-year period of time, all who have chosen to live God’s way of life and who have experienced a new creation in them through the spiritual transformation of their mind, will be able to be resurrected into the God Family. They will be able to then become spirit in composition and live everlasting life just like those in the first resurrection at Christ’s coming had received and those billions at the end of the Millennium.

It is the great and merciful Almighty God who has planned His Family, Elohim, and will bring it to pass. As our Father, He has purposed, planned, and created the best possible means whereby all who choose Him and His ways can become saved and live full, happy, and abundant lives into everlasting life, again, if they ultimately choose to do so.